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PE as a Way of Life.

I personally put on my extender and play computer games for 4-5h, then I put on some porn and attach the clamping devices. After I’ve tightened the clamp on a full erection, I turn on the TV while letting the erection subside :) .

Sorry, must have been having a ‘Senior moment’ earlier… last line: what I meant to say, of course, was “…I wouldn't grieve away…”

Originally Posted by keraunophile
Being serious - and despite only being an active PE’er for four months - I can see that PE is already becoming a way of life for me. But only to the extent that it’s become an integral part of my Mon-Fri daily routine, and that it takes about 40-60mins/day overall - mostly slip-streamed in alongside other tasks where possible except for the 20 mins or so spent wet-jelqing.

And being serious too… in my opinion BG’s obsession is exactly that. Whether it’s ultimately destructive or not remains to be seen, but without intending any disrespect to a senior member I sincerely hope I *NEVER* end up that obsessed with anything which could be construed as life improvement. For God’s sake it’s only your dick - the role it plays in your life may be vital, but ultimately it can only be a minor part in your life. Unless you’re actually a professional sexual performer (I wish!).

Don’t get me wrong, I love the fact that this is working… but ultimately I have far more important things to do with my life than grow an ever more impressive dick (not that I have yet, of course!), and if I was forced or obliged to stop tomorrow I would grieve away the rest of my days in mourning for what might have been.

Life is not a rehearsal... we only get one go at it so make sure it's worthwhile!

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BG is simply saying how he has set up his house to help with his hobby, which by the way is FUCKING harmless to everyone.

My hobby is smoking bongs. I too would have my house set up like the Starship Enterprise of PE if I could just give up that crap.

He isn’t saying how much he has to do the shit blah blah, what’s with the negative responses?

You either wont a bigger dick or you don’t. Your either a hard gainer or not. Deal with it!


Lower your weights and light the bong

Andro; Anon, Kera, Jez and d_sut:

You guys all make good points here, and I will respond more in depth later, Iā€™m in the middle of someone right now. But quickly, one thing that will help you all make more time. A lot of members here are too involved with wet work. Stick hands really puts a damper on multi tasking, and is really not all that necessary. The only time you really need to work with lube is while pumping. Even then you should have a wet bath-rag laying across your thigh to wipe your hands between the messy part of pumping, the wet jelqs in between pump sets. Otherwise concentrate on the dry work of PE, which leaves your hands free to type, multi task, and light the bong;)

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Originally Posted by SNM
I think you have to find a balance. Having a big cock is one thing but missing out on life is another.

It doesn’t sound to me like BG is missing out on life. Rather, he’s living it to the full!

Okay BG, those men with their white suit are just outside your door! Soon they’ll be knocking!! :)

Wow, what a lifestyle. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, I think it’s great that you’ve found a woman who not only tolerates your “interest” but also supports and participates in them. More power to you. That’s what I want. I really enjoy certain PE exercises, and I don’t ever want to give them up, or to have to hide them around my house.

A few questions, if I may. First, what are “canning tongs? And what do you do with them, exactly? Second, your above description makes it sound like you still do a lot of length work. I thought you stopped with the length, for the most part, and were only focusing on girth. So then, how has the length work been going? Any gains in that department recently?

Third, and most importantly, what level of discomfort do you feel when you are hanging? And how much weight do you typically use? Do you “hang to fatigue”? When I try to hang to reach fatigue, the amount of weight I need to use (currently, about 12 to 15 lbs.) causes me to feel enough discomfort that I am not able to concentrate on any work. I don’t feel any pain. It’s just that I feel the stretching from the weight enough that I cannot focus mentally on my work. When I work, my mind needs to be all there. I’m certain it’s the same with you when you write. This means that it’s hard for me to “multi-task” when I’m hanging, which means that hanging takes up too much valuable time. Comments please.

My GOD man. I knew you were a PE trooper, but wow … I didn’t know you PE’ed 24/7. You are the PEinator. An unstoppable PE machine. The PE1000.

I really don’t know if I should criticize or congratulate you. In one hand, I think you’re nutz! In the other hand, I truly admire your dedication and determination… If I had an ounce of your dedication towards PE in other categories in my life, then I would be a trillionaire. So I am going to go with congratulating and say: Keep up the good work my friend!

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<<<Wow, what a lifestyle. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, I think it’s great that you’ve found a woman who not only tolerates your “interest” but also supports and participates in them.>>>

Dude, did you read his comments about edging and laying the hammer down for hours on end- only stopping when mrs. BG says she can’t take anymore? *of course* she’s supportive…..when you put that kind of effort into a woman’s pleasure (and your own too for that matter), it is inevitable that a rose garden will spring up in that spot.

More power to you BG. Rock the house……and the dungeon too!!!!

Hey BG, are you still using lead weights with the plastic stripped off? I think I read somewhere that you said you stripped the plastic off of yours due to your girth. Having lead directly on your dick can’t be a good thing. I was thinking there’s got to be a way of wrapping them up in something thin enough to stop the direct contact with lead.

If you’ve already solved this or I’m mistaken that it was you then disregard this.

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Not too confident to Dry jelq yet.. It takes much more strain on the arms I have found- and I’m a lazy pig who already does that shit at the gym so I can’t be bothered doing that.

I bong Fowfer - it’s a new one, but it’s pretty self explanatory. You can put that one on the list with the hundred other Fowfers if you like.


Originally Posted by d_sut

I bong Fowfer …

hehe now ya talking! :D

Life is not a rehearsal... we only get one go at it so make sure it's worthwhile!

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