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Okay. No more lurkin...for me what's working

Okay. No more lurkin...for me what's working

Hello all at Thunders place, and the man himself!

I’m probably on something like .001 posts a day, so I got to get busy. First, congrats on the best PE site, period. You rock man. :)

I started PE beginning of July.

01 Jul 2002 -Started 6.875 bpel, 4.875eg

did about a month of the following. Hot wrap 5mins, stretch in all 20mins directions, Jelqs 30mins

01 Aug 2002 -same. No growth :( (well I tried to convince myself I had reach the landmark of 7x5, but alas I was kidding myself by cheating with inaccurate measuring. Like I said, the only person I would be fooling would be myself.

Then I started hanging. I started with 2.5lbs, then 5, 7.5, 10 etc. By the end of the month my ligs were sore; I hadn’t felt this before! I was hanging 15lb by the end of the month, (found lighter weight easy) and was 7.125x5!! I was well Impressed. This would be 3-4 20 min sets in the evening. (sorry but I can’t be trusted to hang weight on my dick in the morning…I’m not a morning person :) )

Then I heard about the so called JAI stretch.

Modified routine since then has been-

5 mins tackle submerged in a pint ‘glass’. (don’t worry, it’s plastic :) ) Oh yea, it contains warm/hot water. While doing this I play a game called ‘see if you can touch the bottom of the pint glass with the nob end. :) With the glass press onto the pubis, I agitate glass to enable more efficient warming.

JAI/v-stretches all directions combined 20 mins

Hang 20 mins 3, sometimes 2 sets -17.5lbs at the moment. Prefer straight out (over a chair) but I think I may need more OTS (right shoulder), cos I got a downward and left curve (which I wouldnt mind correcting)

Ulis, Horse440’s. 5/10mins each depending on how knackered I am.

After 2 months of this routine, I am pleased to have reached 7.5bpel 5.25eg!! I’m sooooooo pleased!

Like for others here, the JAI’s seem to be effectively fatiguing the ligs nicely for hanging.

Sorry by the way Thunder/Mods if this post is in the wrong place. It just seems to have a bit of everything :(

Keep tugging


Hey Stump,

Great gains!!

So the JAI stretches are working for you then?

What type of hanger are you using??

Don’t worry about the post being in the wrong forum, like you said, it has a little bit of everything in it. :D

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Thanks Thunder!

I came into this game not for size, but for stronger erections/ejaculations and more control/stamina. I got all those plus im gaining in all dimensions- what a terrible side effect!! Dunno if it’s because of the stronger erections, but I seem to have much more sensation since doing PE. I’ve always had a fascination with my penis…I’d normally be sat at my pc fiddling, so why not use that time constructively!

Plus I’m sooo horny. It’s a shame me and the wife haven’t had sex in ages…..but thats a different story :(

On a lighter note, yea I love the JAI stretch. My dick goes very quickly from average (3.5/4”) to 5-5.5” flacid at which point the JAI has served it’s purpose and the hanger comes out.

I’ve made 2 homemade hangers, both using the principle of using materials to replicate the grip used when stretching. (Tom Hubbards site?) I presently am using plastic tubing that has been shaped using a hot air gun.

With a ‘penis eye’ view, the main body of the hanger looks like this -

| |
( )
| |

The obvious next move would be a bib hanger. My hanger is just managing 17.5lbs. If I use 20lbs it feels like it wants to come off.

Probably, the only reason I haven’t ordered the bib (could I have the bigger one now!?!) is I am in the UK :( )


Well that was a crap diagram wasn’t it :p

The curves are more lateral ie curved out to follow curve of penis.


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