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OK...I'm confused.....

OK...I'm confused.....

Let me start by saying I have had gains. Not huge, but there has been positive changes. Specifically, .2 girth, no significant length, healthy looking, longer erections, better flacid look. And they are the reasons i’m still here. Maybe I don’t say much but i’m still here and I smile when people do well and study what they do, I’m sad for those who see little or no gains.

Now last night I ventured from the comfort of the main member forum into the Pumper area looking for some ideas to boost my length. Hanging didn’t feel comfortable, built a bib but my uncut fellow caused issues as did time and convenience so hanging took a back seat. So I check out pumping and to my disbelief, there seems to be senior members having great success with this technique. So just as i’m about to look into buying a 1.75 x 9 manual pump and then someone finds comments from Tom Hubbard, a well respected PE’r that torpedo the pumping thing into obscurety.

So why bother you guys? Well, I suppose it’s my remote request for advice and support to keep going with my manual streches and jelq routine that goes for about 30 minutes a day one and off about 4-5 times a week.

It cost nothing but time, and maybe I should just stick with that and see what turns up in 3 months…that would make it approx a year for me.

I mirror comments made every few days regarding gainers and how this is nice for those involved….but for us, the people who can’t keep a strick routine and will do it only when the wife goes to bed, or when my wife and young son go shopping, or any other break for an hour or so……i just need some indication that length gains will come (without hanging) and my effort if not in time but commitment under constraint will bear fruit.

Apologies for this long post, I’ve had a few drinks and feel a little depresses…shit that reminds me, I wonder if I suffer from some of those disorders mentioned in the main memeber forum recently? I have always tried to be above that, but you nver know. I do wonder why I just can’t get out of bed some days even though O know I should and have a family to feed and bills to pay….shit that’s a whole new thread on it’s own and not really PE related.

By the way, i’d like to contribute more to thios forum but i do feel there a far more experienced players than me and as I have said before i’ll save my comments for topics I feel confident i can add value too.

Thanks in advance. Thanks of the dump opportunity 8-)


Character is doing what is right when nobody is watching....


The first sentence of your post gives you plenty of reason to continue. You might be able to do your routine more consistently and effectively if you let your wife in on it. Read the thread Telling the wife about pe. It is understandable to envy those who seem to have “easy gains”. I think you have proved to yourself that this is not total bullshit, but for most it does take patience. time and persistance.

Check it out guys, no need to have a big dick if you ain't gonna use it!!

Yes I agree Luvdadus, my post does provide the answer looking back on it know. My wife does know and is happy for me but it’s not something I feel confortable doing with her around, I don’t like going to the toilet (No2) with her in the bathroom. Just shy I suppose.

Anyway thanks for the reply, I think I was just blowing off some frustration….no further replys needed. As usual I know the answers….

Character is doing what is right when nobody is watching....

hahah you dont like to do number 2 with her in the bathroom…i wont do it with anyone in a 20 foot radius

You know for sure that you are comfortable with your relationship if you can lay a 12” stinky while talking to your spouse at the same time;)

Check it out guys, no need to have a big dick if you ain't gonna use it!!

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