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Numbness!!-please help

Numbness!!-please help

Hi all, I’ve been lurking here for around six weeks and have been building up a routine of manual stretches and jelking. Normally I go for 30-40 minutes a day with two off days each week. A few days ago I went for an hour and it seems I have gone too far.

I am now experiencing a disinct lack of sensation along the top of my shaft. The affected area goes from the base and extends up two inches just along the top. This numbness is only on the skin, doesnt’ affect erections, or sex, but is very worrying to say the least.

I have taken a few days off, but the lack of sensation is still there.

I know there is a lot of experience out there and I’m hoping someone will have some advice for me, and others who may fall into this situation.

A big thanks also to the administrators of this forum!


Go to...

Health/Supplements Forum. Within that forum is a section dealing with injuries that might give you some answers via links. The thread about penile sensitivity/erectile disfunction is the one I looked at and there is some “numbness” stuff on there. groa

Groa beat me to it, but here’s the link anyway.

Erectile Dysfunction/Penis Not Sensitive

I'd like to see a nude opera, because when they hit those high notes, I bet you can really see it in those genitals.

Thanks for your quick feedback, I’ve read the included links as well, I’ll let you know what’s happening after a few more days of nothing/light jelking.


...a few more days...

nothing/light jelqing….NOTHING is likely the best route to go, for more than a few days. Your dick won’t fall off or be reposessed (unless something really strange is up with you) so no harm done. Alot of folks have complaints and have trouble leaving their dick alone and letting it heal or rejuvenate once they start PE. Please don’t fall into this catagory, it will likely only take longer to heal. You can always keep doing the PC stuff without stressing the nerves or other tissue which may have been damaged. Realize that if your injured, “light PE” might equate to too much PE at that time. Rest it, man. groa

Talking from experience

I actually look forward to rest days now. Your penis needs time to recover to gain. Towards the end of this week I will have to stop hanging until the beginning of June. I know that this is going to be beneficial.

Look at your rest as another PE exercise which will probaly give your more gains than any other.

Keep checking in on the board!


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