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Not seeing gains

Not seeing gains

Well i started hanging(because of lil’s gains) a little over 2 months ago, i started at 6.75”x5.5”, from what i can tell i have added .25” in length from the first month however this second month seems to have not added anything. My routine is usually 2 sets of 20 minutes 5-6days a week. I am pressed for time and i’m going to try and start doing 3 sets of 20 minutes. I’m starting to get a bit annoyed and would really appreciate any advice about hanging, speicially from lil since his progress is what got me to start hanging. Thanks!



I just started my hanging, but have been researching hanging for some time now. So my input is that you really have to beef up your accrued time on a weekly basis. Way more than 40min a day.

Now Lil’ will chime in here at some point. He’s always good for some good, pick-me-up advice.



Your not going to gain a .25 inch every month, that would be 3 inches in a year. For 40 min of hang time your most likely not going to get huge gains. If you maybe add another set and also 20 min of jelqing you might get more gains at a slow but steady
rate. Remember you have to think long term.


also if your short on time try useing more wieght like as much as you feel it is possible for you to handle (max) for me i think wieght is alot more important than time as long as you do at least an hour of hang time just my thoughts on it.


Hey Time!

Have you read my Progress Report? That details exactly what I did and when. I was very lucky in the respect that, like Bib, I had a lot of time to hang ….. and I did! At the very top of the scale I was doing about 14hrs PE per day :) - that was spread between hanging (never more than 3 hours per day) ADS and traction wrapping. I only occasionally had days off and rarely did less than 2 hours PE per day and most of that was hanging. That’s a lot of time to spend on your penis! :chuckle:

As far as my routine was concerned, I hung usually about 9 days straight then lighter/off for the next 5 days. I didn’t plan it this way, it just fitted my work schedule. If that sounds like a lot of work, it is! :chuckle: But it gave me the results I was seeking. You have to be fairly obsessive/dedicated to keep it up and I found that occasionally ED was a problem ……. but, in my case, after a few days off it all returned to normal and my penis was bigger. :)

I’m also very lucky in the respect that my body responds well to this type of exercise - I also build muscle very quickly when I work out at gym - just one of those guys!

The keys, at least in my experience, are fatigue and persistence. We all gain at different rates and just because you’re not seeing the same gains as someone else means very little - you just have to keep at it! Personally, I always felt that my best prospect for gains was when I hung 1 hr AM and the same in the evening - traction wrap overnight to help cement gains.

If I could only hang 1 hr per day I’d probably hang early evening, traction wrap or ADS until bedtime, maybe traction wrap overnight although not essential. I’d also try ADS during the day for a few hours to keep the penis in a fatigued state ready to compound the work with the evening’s hanging session. It’s all about controlled stress ……

We all have a different physiology and what works for some doesn’t for others but I believe if you take on board the fundamentals of hanging (fatigue, persistence etc) and work your routine around these, it will give you the best shot at making gains.

I don’t advocate for a moment that someone copies my routine to the letter (some of what I did was very risky) however, if you follow and adapt the basic principals it may work for you.

Take it slowly, good luck and keep us posted!

lil1 :lep:

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Thanks for all the replies!
Well i’m going to try and up my sets to 4 @ 20 minutes. I do quite a bit of weight for how new i am to this, but if i do less it just doesn’t stress me enough. Right now i’m doing13.8lbs for my sets sometimes i do 17.6, and once i did 22.6, but i can’t last at that for very long(too much pressure in the head).

Lil yes i have read your progress report, as i mentioned earlier that is what got me to go to hanging in the first place :)
I saw the second month, i think it was, and you said you had a sporadic schedule and still saw good gains. I didn’t know you were putting in 14 hours a week! That’s more than i can put in, but like i said i’m going to try and do 3-4 sets atleast 5 days a week and i will post in my progress report how i’m doing. Thanks again!



If you stick to “between the cheeks” hanging, you can get more results perhaps in
less time.

As others say, you have done way way above average for the very small time you have
spent. Much more than me.

You will have to decrease weight to do BTC.

Originally posted by Jelq4Life
also if your short on time try useing more wieght like as much as you feel it is possible for you to handle (max) for me i think wieght is alot more important than time as long as you do at least an hour of hang time just my thoughts on it.

did you go from 5 inches to 8 inches???


no i did not go from 5 inches to 8. I WISH!!!

I dont know how you got that idea?


I would go to the Bibhanger site and carefully read and reread everything. Perhaps an error in your applicationof hanging is what is hindering you? No matter you will walk away with a better understanding of hanging. I know I am doing it now. I compare it to seeing a movie a few times you get more out of it the second or third time!

TT, that’s good advice. Think I’ll head over there and read it right before my next session.

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