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Not getting fatigued

Not getting fatigued

After stretching primarilly my tunica for the last 2.5 months, I am now finding that at the end of my workouts I do not feel the “worked” feeling in my tunica that I used to. I take 1 day off a week and only manual stretch right now since my girth is above 6”. Anyone else find it difficult to get sore after such a short time or have some advice to getting back to the “worked” feeling I used to get. I also took an extended break for over 1 month recently so I don’t want to do that again yet. Thanks

One foot to go

Have you tried hanging OTS or SO?

I’ve had the same experience. It’s really hard to get any kind of “worked” feeling. This has gone in stages where it took more and more force to get any kind of results. Experimenting with wraps allowed me to pull harder and harder, but now nothing seems to work. I’m at the beginning of a break and hope to try this all again after a month of deconditioning.

After reading your post, I’m worried that a month off won’t do the trick. I’ll be interested in seeing what you figure out.

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You think maybe alternating jelqing on one day, then Extreme Ulies on the next day (with a Uli Device), and so on? I think I might try that.

You have reached the end of the line with your hands, it seems like. You might want to look into hanging if you want those experiences again. My penis got stronger than my hand a long time ago. Keep in mind with hanging properly, you have a steady pull that you can increase or decrease precisely, it also frees up your hands. I like to think of hanging as just a much more controlled way of stretching that can, if needed put much more force on my shaft, etc. than merely my hand.


Have you guys tried an occasional manual stretch? I get sore after every session from intense manual. Read my post “soreness/time off”

Hope this helps.


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