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Difficulty keeping ligs fatigued

Difficulty keeping ligs fatigued

Lately Ive had difficulty keeping my ligs fatigued. Either I need to switch my stretches, or I need to go to hanging. I’d rather not go to hanging and I’m worried that I will stop gaining in length. I figure that I just need to change my workout but I feel like I’ve exhausted my arsenal. Here are the stretches I have done, in order of doing them:

-Straight ol’ fashioned stretching (one hand)
-Two handed stretch (worked excellent btw)
-DLD blaster two handed stretch (again, excellent)

Now, thats it. I’m stuck now. All that has given me a solid 1” in length over the span of 2 months or so. Looking for another lig stretch. I’ve tried JAI’s, that didn’t work for me. Just looking for some advice and/or ideas. Do I need to move to hanging? I can’t pull hard enough anymore to fatigue the ligs and I’ve can’t think of anymore stretches to do.

Try the lig crashes. I went from nothing to something.

"Crazy dancin! Making my penis sore!"

- Dave Chapelle

Excellent. thanks for the advice. I just did a search and found your explanation of them. I’ll try them tomorrow morning.

Don’t forget, 1 inch in 2 months is quite amazing. Cangratulations on the gains.

One foot to go

You haven’t written any comment on how BTC worked out for you?

It’s actually probably closer to 2.5 months.

the BTC stretch worked excellent for me for about 2 weeks then I havn’t been able to get a good stretch out of it since then. It’s almost as if my ligs adapt too quickly, I don’t know. So I have to keep switching it up.

Those lig crashes worked excellent by the way. My only question though… My penis ends up going from about 20% erect to around 60% erect from doing them. I think this is do to me cutting off the blood and trapping blood in my penis. Is this normal for it to become more erect? I still felt a good stretch from it.

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