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No Fair!

No Fair!

My ex brother in law’s penis is over 12 inches, and he has never ever done PE, how the hell! Is it some kind of freak genetic trait??????? It’s not fair I tell ya!

Do you have proof of this? It’s a little unlikely. In no way am I calling you a liar, but head over to for similair claims.

Btw, I am selling large quantities of salt in pinch-sized sachets if anyone is interested.

So don’t feel bad, some people would look at 8-9” and happily say 12”.

There is no way I can present proof to you guys, but I’ve seen the ruler laid up against it! And it deffinatly is 12, a little over to be precise……… I just don’t understand.

You have a very close relationship indeed! Especially since I assume it was hard when you did your ruler exchange. But you are right, everyone is born with different gifts.

12 inches a gift? Would you call 20 inches a gift too? I could see 10.. maybe 11, but there’s gotta be a line somewhere.

Gee I guess there is always someone bigger.

I am sure I would want nothing larger than 10” nbp, EVER!

Starter? What kind of reply are you looking for with a post like this?

I have a friend, and he knows someone with a 15’ cock. He always trips on it, and swings on it from trees.

I bet he does PE, just doesn’t want to admit it.

I just don’t get what Starter7777 gains from this thread… Hell, I’ve never understood trollism in general, so how could I.

Originally Posted by Starter7777
My ex brother in law’s penis is over 12 inches, and he has never ever done PE, how the hell! Is it some kind of freak genetic trait??????? It’s not fair I tell ya!

Just look on the bright side, if he is in proportion (length and girth) then he is probably too big for a lot of girls!

Can I ask why you were measuring your ex-brother in law’s penis though?

First off, I’m not looking for any particular reply, I just was making a point that it is unfair for some people to be blessed like they are and others not, but that life…. secondly, I didn’t measure it, he did!

Sorry I posted!

Starter7777, you are free to post whatever you like, as long as it does not break any rules in the forum guidelines.

However, claims like this are only really respected when backed up with a picture. Some might call it excessive skepticism, but in this anonymous environment, evidence is all we can go on, and I believe the ‘system’ works.

Since you are not looking for any particular reply, you have neither gained nor lost anything from any of the replies on this thread, so do not take offence at anyone’s comments which might be deemed untrusting, as IMO they’re justified.

And also a belated welcome to Thunder’s Place for you too.

Excuse last message.

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