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Tall Guys..Small Weiners..It Just Isn't Fair!!


Tall Guys..Small Weiners..It Just Isn't Fair!!

Hey fellow PE’ers…..The other day I met this girl on-line and we hit it off pretty well. Eventually we exchanged pics as our chats became more and more explicit. She knew I was a trucker and was impressed when she saw my pic. At 34, I look more like an older college student than a trucker…lol. Anyways, she said “You’re a pretty big guy. I’ll bet you have a big dick. And really thick, too.” At 6’3 and now 225, one would think I WOULD have a big one. But, alas, I’m still at a PE enhanced 6X5. Needless to say, I didn’t pursue this girl to avoid the inevitable disappointment.

For us big and tall guys, it seems like we have to be extra large just to look proportional. It’s common knowledge that women have difficulty with spacial relations, so from a visual point of view they can only judge you by how it looks compared to your body. Once you are inside, she can then judge on how it feels, but her first visual impression will affect that judgement as well.

I’m not complaining about being tall. I think that I attract more women by being tall than anything else. But I think that if I were 5’8” , I would be happy with my size and not interested in PE. I’m not looking to get huge by PE, just to be properly proportioned. We all have different reasons for being here, and that is mine.

So what size weiner would be a good size for my body type? Currently, I’m shooting for 7x5.5. Of course bigger would be better, but I’m trying to be practical…thanks guys and you few ladies out there…..PB

"Excuse me while I whip this out."

Where did you chat? Sometimes I hear about new chating websites to find interesting people.

Peter Built,

man I would have nailed her dude. I’m 5’10” and as you can see from my stats that it ain’t big yet. If it’s a fling, who cares if she thinks it’s not huge. With a 5” girth, you can still give her stretch marks around the lips and the asshole.

The Plumber Starting @ 6.5x5 bpe 12/20/03 Now 7.0"x5-1/8" bpel 1/20/04 Goal @ 8.5x6.5 bpe

big guys with normal sized dicks

I know what you mean. My gf and I go to a lot of nudist camps. There is this one guy he is the biggest man I’ve ever seen. He must have a glandular problem or something. He has got to be over 7’ tall probably close to 400 pounds but is not fat. We’ve always joked about how his dick looks tiny compared to his body. However the last time we were there, at the New Years Eve Party we saw him dancing with this very hot, short girl. He had popped a half-assed woody and his semi erect dick was almost pointing at her throat. It was proportionately large that night for sure. Sometimes even the biggest guys are growers. Needless to say my girlfriend wanted to dance with him after that

2003: 6X5 2010: 7X7

No Nukes

Pete, I can see where your coming from mate, but I wouldnt worrry too much about it. you should be glad of your height. I know I would be.

Im on the other end of the scale, being a short ass 5”5’ and not getting any taller. I PE because I want to have a bigger dick than all the tall guys around me. It gives me a much needed self esteem and confidence boost. I think I was lucky as my starting stats were 6.75 x 4.5 which is quite good for someone my size. Now im up to 7 x 4.75 its really starting to look the business, So i think your theory is true.

When I reach 8 x 6 its going to look fucking huge.

Just remember this. You can be taller with a smaller dick but you can make your dick bigger and then you have both. I wouldnt mind that at all. It does not matter how big my dick gets, I will always be 5”5’.

hope that helps

You know there is a weird phenomena that when a person who is rather far left or right of the bell curve of height just gains acceptence of what they have. I don’t think I could imagine what life would be like shorter than what I am. I just got used to it and accepted it as the only perspective I can have. Ducking or putting up with it soon becomes a second nature to us. The routine and rituals we have for height eventually begin to become quite normal for us psychologically.

“You see, I don’t want to do good things, I want to do great things.” ~Alexander Joseph Luthor

I know Lewd Ferrigno personally.

I am 5’6789789789” inches tall and I never felt small with a 6 X 5 (well slightly less actually) but I was a grower and not a shower. And now my height is the same but I am now 7.125 X 5.25+ and I am starting to be a shower.

In order of importance for me is:

1) to be a shower and not a grower (really want a 6” floppy)
2) to get to a 7.5 X 5.75
3) already learned to live with my height long ago

Acceptance of the things I couldn’t change happened long ago for me. I agree with Peter Built that tall guys get more chicks regardless of dick size. I think its that subliminal and genetic message women believe that bigger is safer and stronger.

You all are still missing the point... The story was great and all but should have ass (and) some anal in it.- RWG

Peter Built,

I am 5’ 9” tall and I would kill to be 6’ 3”, even if i had to have a 5” long dick. First impressions are lasting impressions. My choice of women is probably cut in half because of my height, women as tall or taller than me just intimidate the hell out of me.


IW8 4/2003 5.5 BPEL 4.5 EG 218 lbs 4/2004 6.875 BPEL 5.0 EG 198 lbs

Next stop 7.0 BPEL !

Get Yourself a Nice Utility Cock!

Peter Built, at least you have the height advantage. I’m 5’5” and have a real hard time meeting women in bars or on line. They mostly want taller guys. I had to change tactics because I always felt like a looser. That was 8 years ago.

Sence then I’ve become a fairly good ballroom dancer, meet plenty of women, get laid whenever I want. Having a 7.125” BPEL x 5.75” cock thanks to PE doesn’t hurt either. When I am dancing I occasionaly pop a boner and you can just see the twinkle in her eye!

I have found that for us short guys to score we have to get up close and personal in order to get women’s attention.

With that being said, join the 8” x 6” crowd then your worries will vanish. I’m going for the magic 8.5” x 6.5” dick myself. A nice utility cock.

Fire shall reign from above as shards of heated shrapnel hurl savage kisses to mortal flesh and shattered bone below.

For days, the dead hung in the air as dust.

Thanks guys…Maybe I’m looking at this the wrong way, because it definitely is easier to get longer than it would be to get taller. Guess I should be thankful for that :) .

I’ve always had a complex about my penis size and it had limited my sexual activites through the years. Not to say I don’t get my share. I do. It just always seems like I’m trying to live up to expectations that I can never meet.

Once back when I had a normal job, the girls in the office became convinced that I had a big one. I had slept with a friend of a co-worker and she had remembered me as being big (she was drunk). Sleeping with girls at work had been no problem for me at other jobs, but now they were all off limits. I couldn’t let them know how small I was. Lets face it. 6x5 looks small on me, especially when I’m expected to be much bigger.

I know I should just get over it, PE my arse off, and take advantage of any and all opportunities that come my way. That’s what I’m trying to do. But I can’t imagine what it would do to my self-confidence to be 8x6. I would go buck wild!

Thanks everyone….PB

"Excuse me while I whip this out."

cheatah…It was just on Yahoo chat. I’m not really big on chat rooms, though. They seem to bring out the worst in everyone….PB.

"Excuse me while I whip this out."

Being tall and having a small cock would probably be a challenge for me knowing my temperament. I still work on accepting my cock size as it is. Thankfully, most of the time I’m content. I did set modest PE goals, however, just so I wouldn’t be disappointed. If it turns out bigger then I will be quite happy. Even now I’m close to Peter Built’s goal so I know I’m actually fortunate. Enlargement is just a personal thing for me.

That being said, I’m 5’4” and never had or have a problem with my height. I love it. And finding guys to hook up with has always been easy. Maybe it’s different for gay men than straight men in this regard. But many of us are still cock obsessed. Even though we know height doesn’t correlate to cock size we still fall into that trap. Must be cultural.

To answer Peter Built’s question as to what size would be good for his body is easy. I say go for as big as you can safely get with dedicated PE.

Gay 5'4" 150 lbs 5.5 x 5

I’m not surprised she said to you “You’re a pretty big guy, I bet you have a big dick” because women seem now more blunt than ever. I’m not especially tall or big, 6’1 ,205 lbs, size 10 shoe , but my body height and body size seem to be just big enough for women get really curious if I’m packing or not. So I get crotch glances by at least a few women everyday it seems. Now that I’m somewhat of a shower that probably makes them think I’ll be huge when erect. Little do they know I only gain 2 1/4 in length and 3/4 in girth when erect. How could I go to bed with a woman that crotch watches and thinks (and since she was looking it may mean she probably cares) she will be getting more? I could do it knowing it will only be a one night stand once she realises it. Just don’t know if I would want to go through that . Something isn’t it, willing to give up a piece of ass because of concern about not living up to expectations.

So I can just imagine how much pressure you guys that are taller than I am feel. In general, women are not logical and because of that they think that height, feet, big noses, big fingers are indicative of what a guy has. While there may actually be a very weak correlation in height and dick length, it certainly isn’t something even close to reliably indicative the way women think it is.


Me? 6’5”, 240#… size 13 shoes. Big hands, long nose.

5.75 x 5 (NBP).

Let’s just say it’s a good thing that I’m reasonably well adjusted, or I might’ve turned into a mighty asshole with this set of stats. If anything though, I’ve tried to take it to heart as a lesson or a reminder that everyone has something to be humble about.

"The trouble with the world is that the stupid are cocksure and the intelligent are full of doubt."

-Bertrand Russell


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