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New PE Technique for Big Gains!


New PE Technique for Big Gains!

I thought that once you reached a certain stage with PE, it just got harder and harder to gain. I’m not so sure now. I’ve been testing this technique out for a couple of months now and have passed it on to a few guys on the board and I’ve got them to test it out for me too. The results have been both surprising and incredible. This technique is weirdly counter-intuitive but it has worked not just for me but for the other guys who road tested it. These gains aren’t marginal, they are massive.

It started when I found a link to a medical piece about water therapy for scar tissue. The result seemed to indicate that the therapy not only effected the initial layer of tissue but well through into underlying tissue, improving scaring dramatically. The research was seen as a failure though because the surrounding healthy tissue stretched under the therapy. That got me interested. After some more research on various sites I designed a protocol to test it out and tried it for a month before I was convinced and got other people involved and the simplicity of the system is incredible.

The original therapy made use of duck fat, and I saw no reason to depart from this. Everyone else has used duck fat too but it can be difficult to get hold of unless you have a french store near you. I went to France for mine and sent it out to a couple of guys who couldn’t locate it themselves. The fat is an important stage, it shields the initial layer of tissue from becoming over saturated with water, giving that shrivelled effect you get on fingers and toes if you spend too long in the bath. Whether another type of fat would work I’m not sure but I’ve tried things like Vaseline and they do not work as intended.

For this to work you will need about 30-35 minutes per session plus clean up time. With the fat can take some time and you really don’t want to leave a layer of duck fat on your dick if you like receiving oral. Beyond the duck fat you need water, salt and a polythene bag big enough to take your dick, and something to tie the bag like a strip of cloth.

Here’s the process:

  • Mix about 1/2 teaspoon of salt into 1/2 glass of water.
  • Put a small layer of duck fat all over your penis and balls (do not overdo it, a small peanut sized amount should be enough)
  • Pour the 1/2 glass of water into the polythene bag
  • Insert your penis into the polythene bag and wrap it around the penis tight enough to make the water cover the majority of the shaft
  • Leave it for about 20 minutes
  • Remove the bag

After you’ve removed the bag the manual part of this system comes into play and this is the counter-intuitive bit. You basically treat your penis like a concertina, the idea being to compress the shaft so that the tissue is kind of un-stretched, slightly wrinkling the underlying tissue of the shaft.
  • Grab your penis at the base with one hand
  • Create a soft grip over the glans with your fist
  • Rhythmically push the second hand down towards the first, just enough to wrinkle the shaft about 1/2” at most
  • Keep doing this for approximately 10 minutes

That’s it. After the session your penis should be plumper than normal for some time. I hope other people in the test group will post their experience of using this protocol over the next week, the results are stunning and I think you’ll be surprised by some of the members who’ve gained and gained easily from this.

Don’t do any other PE while you are doing this!

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I’ll definitely try this.

And by the way: What’s todays date?

YESTERDAY: 5.9 x 4.7 | TODAY: 7.5 x 5.7

Where the hell am I going to get duck fat? :(

Wishing and hoping for the best - yup your doing it wrong.

:angel: Duck fat eh…. Nice one!

Would pork fat or any other fat be a good supplement? For the duck fat I mean.

Wishing and hoping for the best - yup your doing it wrong.

Before guys start doing this, take a look at today’s date.

Damn it!

What a freaking gimp I am.

Wishing and hoping for the best - yup your doing it wrong.

I’m not sure I understand the date references.

I don’t know, Thatcat. You could give it a go and tell us how you get on. The reason I stuck with duck fat was that this was used in the original research. I guess though that they designed the research in the same way that say maggots are now used to clean wounds, from looking at some natural device at work. I haven’t been able to locate the basis of this but if I do I’ll keep you informed.

If you want to try different types of fat, it might make sense to try to stick with avian fat.

I forgot to mention above you should tie the bag as loosely as possible to keep it in place and your penis in the saline.

Thunder's Place: increasing penis size one dick at a time.

I can’t quite visualize the manual part of this exercise. Do you have any drawings or something of how to do it?

Originally Posted by memento
I’m not sure I understand the date references.

April fools day?

For our demands most moderate are,

We only want the earth.

James Connolly

Originally Posted by Thatcat
Damn it!
What a freaking gimp I am.

Don’t worry I fell for it too :)

For our demands most moderate are,

We only want the earth.

James Connolly


Imagine your penis as a concertina or squeeze box. You’re trying to compress the penis so that the tissue zig-zags up the shaft. I’m sorry I don’t have a pic or drawing right now. It seemed pretty easy to understand to me.

Shit I didn’t notice the date. I’m an idiot. I should have waited a day.

Anyway, I’m sure the others will post over the next few days so you’ll see what people have got from this.

Thunder's Place: increasing penis size one dick at a time.

Duck fat !!

Oh , that is rich !!

Not bad enough we force feed the poor bastards into morbid obesity , then rip out their livers , but now we want their fat to rub on our dicks !! LOL !!

Too funny !

Hahaahaha. I like Muscular_Beaver’s post :D :D ROFL

Just my luck, all my ducks have been on a weight reducing program and a low fat diet! :rolleyes:

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