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New PE injury discovered--caution!

New PE injury discovered--caution!

This is just a warning to those of you making gains. My first PE-related injury happened last night after several years of pushing some serious limits in terms of my routines.

I was standing in my boxers in my bathroom last night before bed, just getting my toothpaste out of my bathroom drawer to brush my teeth. I leaned forward toward the mirror to get an eyelash out of my eye. While doing so, I pushed the drawer closed with my thigh.


I can’t tell you how bad it hurt! My flaccid is around 6 inches, and I’m certain that length predisposed me to this particular injury. There is a small, linear bruise right where the drawer caught me. Fortunately my girlfriend is out of town this week—I’d have a hard time convincing her what had happened:

“What’s that bruise on your penis?”

“I wasn’t paying attention and slammed my dick in the bathroom drawer.”

“Oh, please. You’re not THAT big.”

Take note, PE gainers. This injury could happen to you.

Rock out with your cock out!

I hope that heals up soon. My dick is shrinking up just thinking about that.

Sorry to hear about that. Nail the drawers shut.

LOL =)

The minute I have to not just re-adjust my dick several times while sitting (to keep it comfortable), but have to look out for those obnoxious evil drawers from hell I know I have reached my goal :)


I’m sorry but :mutley:

Heh, and I thought getting it caught in the zipper was rough.

You think that’s bad? Same thing happened to me with the oven’s door….

Nah..just kidding. I feel for you D.

I wish my dick would get caught in stuff. :(

Originally Posted by tenaciousD
Take note, PE gainers. This injury could happen to you.

Good thing I leave my clothes on the floor then.

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