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New Chat Idea?

New Chat Idea?

Maybe we can meet over in Reece’s chat? Over on I mean ya dont need to actually pay for a membership anymore right? So why not? He’s got a pretty good set up…one of the better I’ve seen.

Then look down the left side of the page for the Chat With clients link.


Hey Still,

You having problems with the chat here? I bet you are and I bet you are using the AOL 7 browser. Seems this chat is so old the newest browsers don’t get along with it. As far as chat’s go, there is Uncut’s, the Yahoo Jelq club or Reeces’s. Reece’s is the busiest I think. Yahoo Instant Messenger works well also, if you can build a big enough buddy list. The conference chat is excellent, if it doesn’t crash. It may be more stable now, I haven’t used it in a long time. It would be nice for someone (hint, hint) to organize a regular weekly meeting, might be a good way to interact with the new experiment group also.

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Yes I am on aol 7…and the newest Internet Explorer…..I check the chats once in a while maybe every other day. Havent been able to get into Reeces’ room lately….either it was moved or its being worked on.

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