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need help! NO GAINS everyone read please!

need help! NO GAINS everyone read please!

ok i started pe on jan. 23 with a 1 on 1 off for 10 min. of jelqing and after the first month no gains at the time i thought no big deal so for the second month i did the 1 on 1 off with 20-30 min. of jelqing no gains so i was like wtf i dont know when but some time around my second or so month i started to hang started out with 2.5 for 1 hour then worked my way up over the months to where i am now. well now i do a 3 on 1 off with 10 pounds 1 hour hang time a day with 30 min. intence jelqing and sqeezeing been doing this for well over a month maybe 2 and all i have gained is an 8th in eg. and 0 nbp. .25 bpel and ive been working my ass off for about 4 months now so what should i do guys? i do have a plan though bib did 4-6 hours of hanging and 2 hours of jelqing 1 on 2 off so i was thinking 2 hours of hang time a day with 40 min. jelq sqeeze time 3 on 2 off which would equal 6 hours hang time 2 hour jelq time how does that sound.



You Can't Get Nuts About This:

Pull back.

Think about your program.

I may be way off, but it sounds to me like you are getting a little frantic. Sometimes guys choose a routine based on some fast-gainer’s program. I don’t think that what works for me or anybody else here will necessarily work for you.

Instead of getting frantic, slowly work your mind into a sensible physical routine; maybe a combination of exercises that sound good and feel good to you based on the experiences of vets. This (PE) takes a lot of time. Coming up on a year and a half for me. But when it does begin to kick in, you will sense that before your measure it.



I agree entirely with avocet’s observations - step back and reappraise the situation.

Because a guy hangs 10lbs and gets great results, that doesn’t mean that you will too. It’s different for everyone - no two people have the same physiology. However, there are fundamental PE principles which appear to work for most guys.

When hanging, it’s not a matter of how much weight you are hanging more the fatigue you feel which is the guage- this is the true indication of whether you are hanging your optimum weight. You have been hanging for a while now so you have served your apprenticeship as far as technique is concerned. By now you should know what to expect - what is safe for you and what is not. You should know how to wrap and attatch your hanger correctly, you should be aware of the stresses placed on the penis and you should have mastered the challenge of BTC.;) Don’t underestimate the value of this training both psychologically and physiologically. But now perhaps it is time to for you to move further forward.

The goal of hanging is to achieve fatigue - most especially in the tunica and ligaments. Ideally, you should reach a point in your hanging session where you simply have to drop down in weight. You then continue at a lower weight and drop down again if necesary. At the end of the workout the penis should feel exhausted. I wouldn’t advise any more than a light jelquing afterwards to stimulate circulation and I’d definitely forget about ulis for two reasons. Firstly they are principally a girth exersize and doing these could work against your length gains. And secondly, if you’ve had a thorough hanging session the stress ulis create could push you dangerously close to the injury zone. We dont need that! :)

My advice to you is to increase your weight by 1 or 2 lbs every week until you reach your sweet spot! The spot where your penis feels it’s had a really good workout after your session. Resist the temptation to just pack on the weights in an idescriminate or enthusiastic manner - work carefully and methodically for at least 3 or 4 days in a row of 1 hour hang time before considering moving up. Aim for hanging BTC as much as possible.

Hope this helps - keep us posted.

BTW, to my knowledge, Bib only every jelqed lightly to restore circulation rather than for gains and his hanging routine was 5 on 2 off.

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I guess it would be good to think about the other areas that affect growth. Actually, these are essential for growth. Sleep and diet. What have you got going on there?

Jelk4life, your 0.25” gain will give you about 1” or more in 1 year seeing that you gained it after changing your routine. More realistically, you gained it in your last 2 months. And also, you would gain about 0.5” in girth in 1 year. I wouldnt panick on those gains. Be patient buddy, dicks werent built in 1 day. I had a similar problem where I went 9 months with 0.25” length and girth gains, but after I saw the gains I stuck with the routine and ended up gaining 1.5” in the next 4 months. Once you see the gains coming, dont stop, keep on doing what you were doing to get those gains. You may have jumpstarted your gains, then by stopping and changing your routine, you are right back to square one.


0 gains for me for the first 4 months. Iv got a backgroung in teaching MA ,yoga, and mind control, 20 years experience in fitness and body building etc, etc, etc… Damn!!! did I have a nasty ass time finding the right combo of stuff that is graduelly giving me a bigger one. Some guys give it a coupla tugs and it grows an inch, I am not one of them. Sounds like you aint either.

The following can have a huge impact. Work on general health. ( if needed)Clean up your diet, 8 hours of sleep, LOTS of water, dont smoke. Work on mental health/stress/insecurities,etc.

STOP MEASURING YOUR DICK!! Thats fine for guys getting quick gains. take the long view, make it a habbit and stop keeping track of “week 3, week 4, etc” When you look at it and it actually lookes a little bigger THEN go ahead and measure it. ( drawing a blank on his name, but…) ask one of the other body builders to tell you about ?Lou Rauwlings? experience in starting weight lifting. His mentor didn’t let him look in a mirror untill, after months of getting punched & nocked down by the guy, one day Lou just laughed and shrugged it off…THEN he got to look in the mirror…and saw someone he didn’t even reckognize.

This stuff does work, even for hard gainers like us

much longer post than I planed, my apologies for the lack of spell check.

Running a Massive Co-Front.

ok first off i get all the sleep i need and my diet is good never smoked in my life so thats not it. and 10 pounds gives me a real good pull feels just right 12.5 would be to heavy for me. also lil1 go and read bibs 19 month progress he said 1 on 2 off. as of right now i am taking a week off before i start to hang 2 hours a day i will work my way up to it by adding a 20 min. set ever time it feels like i can hang longer. also i would like to know if those bpel lengths will come outside to body. guys i will try anything am about to have lots of free time on my hands. thanks for all the help.


First of all, you need to find a routine and stick to it for a few months. Some people gain quick and see significant results in the first 2 months, but most don’t. It will be hard for you to see what really works if you keep changing your exercises all the time. Patience is key.

Now that school is almost out, you should have more time to put into a serious routine.


You’re on course to gain an inch in a year that’s about normal. Maybe if you keep adding and changing your workout you can make slightly faster gains. It took me 21 months to get 1.75 so hang in there. It’s long term if you gained 2 inches in 2 years you would have a very big cock at that point.


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