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my progress - negative positivity


hi jojo nice to see you here,

How long have you been with your GF? she might stretch a bit given time.

Damn, Isn’t this an AA meeting? What are we here for again?

goin47, banging into the cervix and causing pain is possible to overcome by changing angle :)

Maybe this IS like an AA meeting

Yeah, maybe you’re right memento. Maybe this IS like an AA meeting. I guess we may be addicted to PE. Or at least the idea of making our penises larger. Hmmm, then I guess we could call it PE Anonymous? “This meeting of PEA will now come to order.” Interesting that PEA sounds like pee, which is the other (less exciting) function of our pee-pee.

Oh, and I wish I had the problem of being so big that I had to change angles to avoid hitting my girlfriend’s cervix. Tell ya what. If I had that “problem” you wouldn’t be hearing me complaining about it. That’s for sure.

I can truely say it’s good to be here, compared to there. we’ve been together for a few months now. the reason she says she can’t take all of it, is because she has a tilted cervix and anything over 6” hurts her.


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