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my progress - negative positivity


my progress - negative positivity

Hey guys. For anyone who’s interested, I’ve taken the past week+ off completely, after some heavy-ass horse and squeeze days.

the results?

Absolutely no change in any measurement, length or girth.

One thing I forget is my previous measurements. I just looked over at Size’s PE database, and I apparantly used to be 5.520” girth but I am now a consistant 5.7 (after 1 week of nothing)

So I guess I have gained… a bit… but this 0.2 of an inch has taken months and MONTHS! and I feel skinny as ever, because one new thing I’ve found with my girlfriend (her new favourite) is for me to give her the now standard clitoral orgasm with my tongue and then straight after dive in with my dick. She can take it all (~10”) and is screaming “more! more!”… She sure does open up alot post-orgasm.

Now, although this is a good thing since a few months ago she had never experienced an orgasm, now I am getting very depressed because not even my length which I thought would be more than adequate, seems to be quite enough sometimes… the time when it’s most important :( And then, not to mention my girth, which does not seem to ‘make a dent’ so to speak :(

I have started taking regular measurements in a spreadsheet, of length, girth, exercises done and whether measurements were postworkout or after rest days. My only encouragement atm is that I got to a real-deal 10”+ length after a good workout, although it has gone back to normal now, and I did get up to about 5.8” girth as well (also de-swellified now) So I take this as possible future growth capability. (I sure hope it will continue)

The one positive thing that I got from the week off, was that my discolouration faded noticeably, which gives me hope for post PE: that is, for the colour returning to normal once again. (although it’ll probably take years to completely fade away)

But atm, I am thinking that I’m going to be in this PE game for quite a while longer yet.

Sorry for my whiney ramblings, to anyone who I wasted the time of.

Hey secs,

First of all - I’m sure you do realize that 5.7 inch girth is a lot above average!

Second - maybe this break you took will prove to be the changing factor that will push you forward.

And third - have you considered pumping? I’m certain that pumping, combined with jelqing and squeezes, will take you to 6 inch girth and beyond in a matter of a few months.

About the discoloration: how bad was it before the break and how much in percentage would you say it has faded during the break? And what does your girlfriend thinks about it?

I have the same discoloration problem from the squeezes.

Sorry secs,

I just realized you are pumping. I remembered we talked about it in your previous progress threads. But you don’t pump on a regular basis do you? And you are using home made pump?

Easy dude, venting is okay AND healthy...


Since you started in the huge category I’m sure you have it in you to gain more length if you need it. However, I think this is the wrong approach due to its negativity. Its not healthy to blame yourself and, in esence, punish your unit so that it will grow.

I understand what you are saying about your girl taking the whole damn thing because I experience this all the time. Just don’t fall into the trap of thinking that this is all there is to sex. It gets better and better…

I don’t mean to make assumptions but I don’t know the whole picture.

Also, the girth will come but when it does your girl will get used to it too so have her start kegeling if she hasn’t already.

Check out this thread:

for those who havent gained!

I just want you to understand that a step back in order to appreciate what we have is in order once in a while.

We are all placing much more stress on our psyches than the average guy walking around oblivious of PE. This is not good or desirable.

Secjay…have you been using those horse shoe deals still? I have some other suggestions too, you were going to email me and I was going to tell you then since you took an interest in the Horse Shoe… I run into girth stand stills alot and I have some things I do to jump start those gains again. One thing that seems to really keep my gains consistant is at every 100 jelqs. I do a set of horse shoe bends to the left for 30 seconds to the right for 30 seconds and then a 30 second horse wiggleing my hands. at Every 50 Jelgs I do a 30 second pan squeeze. These exercises thrown in at the above intervals seem to really keep things moving.

Link to the DLD Blasters Soon to be Triple


I hope for her sake this girl and you hook up for good, because I hope you realize that you have fucked up the prospects of 99.9% of any man that may come after you to be able to do adequate duty. You have spoiled her!!

Check it out guys, no need to have a big dick if you ain't gonna use it!!

Sorry to take so long to reply to my own thread :)

Braker, I think that a percentage fade value would be hard to estimate, but if you’re looking at a ‘saturation’ value then maybe 15% or so reduction (eg colour was lighter all round)

Also, my home pump setup was crummy and inefficient, so I’ve stopped using it til I can either make a proper one or afford to buy a real kit. (I see that pumping properly has great potential)

Torso, thanks for the concerns. Don’t get me wrong, making love to her is my favourite thing in the whole world, it’s just that certain things make me feel like I could do (or be) alot better, and give her more pleasure.

The reason I am stressed is because I thought that all I had to do was add maybe another inch of girth or so over time, because I just dont feel the ‘tightness’ that I’ve heard so much about… (of course this could be due to the fact that my prick is so accustomed to hard hand squeezes ;) )
But now that she can take the entire length too, well, it’s like another problem popping up. I mean, I’ve always said it’s better to have more than enough, than not enough, and now that I don’t have “more” it’s like it’s “not enough”…. I know what you mean by the great mental pressures of PE :(

DLD, terribly sorry I STILL haven’t emailed you :(
my schooling for the year is over now so I should have time very soon, I promise ;)

LoL Luvdadus, thanks for the ‘compliment’ :D

So my resolution is that I am going to start a brand new routine (not just PE but a lifestyle routine) this week. I’m trying to factor in all the good things. I’ll let you guys know how it goes. :)

Good luck and let us know what did you change (in life and PE) and how does it feel.

Are you serious??

Sorry guys, but to hear a guy with a 10” cock complain makes me sick. I just can’t believe someone that big would ask for sympathy from the lesser endowed. It’s like a billionaire complaining about all the bills he has to pay. Get real !!

“Sorry guys, but to hear a guy with a 10” cock complain makes me sick.”

I strongly agree with this, but I didn’t want to be the first to say it. Secjay, being a guy with a little over 6”, I have a very difficult time feeling sorry for you. I can’t imagine that anyone with a 10” would even continue with PE. What if you and your girl break up? There seems to be a limited pool of woman who can handle 8”+. But hey, whatever, it could be worse. You could be 6” and not have anyone to share it with.

Originally posted by walter
“Sorry guys, but to hear a guy with a 10” cock complain makes me sick.”

I strongly agree with this, but I didn't want to be the first to say it. Secjay, being a guy with a little over 6”, I have a very difficult time feeling sorry for you. I can't imagine that anyone with a 10” would even continue with PE. What if you and your girl break up? There seems to be a limited pool of woman who can handle 8”+. But hey, whatever, it could be worse. You could be 6” and not have anyone to share it with.

I agree completly and know how you fell. The girls around here wont even consider anyone under 7.5 inch and that leaves me out. Im 6.5 bpel but thats str8end out(5.25-5.5 none str8)
I am a little more self confident because im 5.5inch girth gut that just makes me look shorter lenth wise wich girls only seem to look for here. Im come to realise that if a girl wont be with you because of your size then its not worth it(easier said then done). This one girl looked at me like “what do you do think you can do with that tiny thing” wich is very discouraging. anyway im getting too much into my personal lack of sex life, REMEMBER VERY few people do pe and less than half of them stick with it.

Btw mr 10inch what measurements did you start with?

Don’t worry Secjay! Your ok in my book. I feel for you, don’t worry about the haters. If you have time could you come snake my toilet, it’s backed up and I don’t have a plunger long enough. LOL! TT

“You see, I don’t want to do good things, I want to do great things.” ~Alexander Joseph Luthor

I know Lewd Ferrigno personally.

Guys, I think it is all a matter of perspective. Secjay’s girl can obviously take more than most women. He’s surprised - rightfully so - that she can handle his tool, and this leads him to feel he doesn’t have enough. Understandable.

When I started PE I thought the 7” mark on the ruler looked quite impressive. Now that I’m closing in on it, 9-10” holds the same awe. If I were 10”, I suppose 12-13” would look the same.

Secjay is WAY above average. It doesn’t “sicken me” to hear him voice his insecurity. Instead, I hope he’ll eventually appreciate how big he really is.


I was not expecting flames this time around, I thought that the membership had matured since the time I had to apologise for my size.

Quote me if you believe I was asking for sympathy.

I do PE for my own reasons, everyone is different, and if you can’t handle it then get out of here.

Typical that the relative newbies post crap like this.

Jealousy leads to hate, hate leads to anger, anger leads to the dark side…. mmm no, help you I will not.


Maybe you were hoping a little too much :(

I enjoy your posts.


If there isn’t a place for everyone here no matter what their stats what the point?

Secjay doesn’t go around bragging about his size to annoy smaller people, he just talks about it in a matter of fact way. Most of his posts are about problems with gaining and don’t we all face those?

If you don’t want to be mixing with guys who have larger stats, this is really the wrong place to be.

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