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I dug the actual .mpegs out of the .exe files so I can view them without unleashing the virus.

So what’s the deal if this guy isn’t what he seems? Are these really his videos or are they stolen?

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Thanks for the info

Hey Secjay,

The explanation of a discreet virus making existing files bigger makes a lot of sense. Since the trojan I have ran 3 system scans with Norton 2003 and found nothing. I am thinking it may be too new to be in virus definitions or could this be a formatting problem? I have about 58 gigs free but still get a low memory message.

Later guys, I have to go delete all of my jpegs. LOL


File extensions

secjay said: “This is why I was surprised that alot of people apparantly have file extension hiding enabled still: How can you tell what the real file extension is? Impossible…”

When I opened the .zip file in a Windows list view I only saw the first part of the file name which was…

"mini-jelq.mpg .exe"

The space characters effectively hid the real extension and I do not have file extension hiding enabled.

I think I’m back to normal. Had to search a number of times and fooled around with the registry a lot to get all the copies.

>I have about 58 gigs free but still get a low memory message.

Tom, is the message something like: “You have run out of free space on drive #:"? If you have 58GB free then you should definately not get this message. Sure it’s not 58MB? ;)

or is it memory (RAM) related issue?
if your PC is old, and you are running a whole bunch of new applications, this will eat up your memory quickly. If you have alot of stuff loaded onto the taskbar etc, this will also eat up heaps.

Norton you say? I believe that particular program is notorious for consuming massive amounts of ram… Contrary to popular belief, you dont need to run a virus prog 24/7. you just need to scan new files you download. (so long as you dont visit high risk websites like dodgey warez or geocities pr0n)

I’d have to hear of your exact setup to tell you anything more about it…

if your scanner found absolutely nothing, unless you havent updated in *quite* a while, then you probably dont have a virus, because although new virusses are created all the time, the older they get, the more widespread they become. Brand new ones usually dont take hold for a while unless they are particularly nasty IMHO..

Nothing like an idiot to ruin things for us all…it reminds me of kindergarten when everyone behaved especially well to get an extra 5 minutes of recess time, but then one kid misbehaves and ruins it all for everyone else. Some people just don’t have a clue, eh?


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