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My mother almos caught me!!

My mother almos caught me!!

I was doing some jelqs in my room and my mother knocks on the door….

Mom, wait a second i’m naked (and my dick is all oiled up ;) )
Wtf, since when are you naked in your room??
”Well I do that since a year or so!!!
That’s something new!!’

Well and the rest was a long storry..

Nice :)

It’s pretty unlikely that she’d suspect PE - she probably just think’s you’re jacking off, like every other healthy young male.

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I don’t understand just what you told her and just what she said.

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Wow, that was a close one, lex! Like Dr. Schwanz said, she probably just thought you were masturbating and that was it. Make sure you lock your door just in case. :)

Whoa man! The number of times that’s happened to me!

KNOCK, KNOCK… “YEEEEEEEES!!!??” say I. “What are you doing in there! And why is your music pumping so bloody loud!?” Says mother. “ERRRR….” I mumble out aloud, “I, well, ummm…. I’M BUSY EXERCISING!!”. Long pause. “Oh, okay! Why didn’t you just say so in the first place?”

Next day: “What are all those exercises you’re doing in your room? And why do you lock the door?” Mother demands. “Well, you see… they are designed to improve CONFIDENCE and PHYSICAL ENDURANCE… and it requires NO INTERRUPTIONS WHATSOEVER for it to WORK PROPERLY…” I answer. “Well, okay then, I won’t bother you again.”

The art of bullshitting is easy to learn- just keep a straight face whilst telling her all this.


Hi there Lex:) ,

Wow, it seems that most guys who still lives with their parents would experience the same issue here:) . Well, I also had the same experience with you lex, I was wet jelqin and my mom knock on my door, I was shocked and said wait one sec, and then I was like the “Flash” just grab a roll of tissue to clean my hand from baby oil and just grab my pants on:) . off course with my cock a little tented up in my pants:) . She asked me what am I doing in my room,(the same questions that all mother in the world would ask, huh). I said that I was sleeping:P. I’ve been in this situation for a couple of times, learning from this un cozy situation I just jelq whether early morning or late at night. Just try to find the right time. Seeya:)

The best excuse is saying you’re working your dumbbells in your boxershort to not get sweat on your clothes and just don’t want ppl walking in.

I’m a parent. We know what you are doing. The reason we interrupt you is because it is funny as Hell to see you scramble, and it is revenge for all the times you interrupted our sex. If you think we are bad now, wait until we are grandparents…

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Haha. Good one PirateSteve. Your comment really made me laugh. :D

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These threds always make me giggle. Doing a search for “busted” as I type this, will see what I find. Ok, 8+ pages, will try again specifiying my user name as I have posted in a few busted while hanging threads.

I know we have had more that that, but these are the ones I could find fast because I posted in them. Check out these three.

Great advise from Bib, do PE in baggy cut off swet pants. Just pull up one leg to expose you package and PE.

Baracas, you may have said all of that but what your mom heard was “go away, I am spanking my monkey!!”

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