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My experience with Trojan Magnums

I agree rakishly, however I asked more to get a feel for what she was thinking than anything else. How it fits her is my ultimate goal. And Large doesn’t sound near as impressive as Magnums :) I just hope they don’t come out with gigantic :)

I seem to recall that Magnum’s were recommended up to 5.25” of girth, with the xl’s going up to 5.5”, but I’m not sure. Does anyone know definitively?

And I can’t imagine ANY condom fitting your trout/whale, RWG. The way the magnum fit me, I think you need to move up to horse condoms :)

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The Magnums are the big girth condoms The Trojan Large and the Magnum reg. have the same girth measurements 54/60mm or 4.3/4.72’ (base/head). The XL is 54/65 or 4.3/5.18” but the same length as the reg. Magnum. Both Magnums are 205 mm or about 8 1/16 in. The Trojan large is 215 mm, or about 8.46. Of course after you subtract the reservoirs ~1/2’, you get 7 1/2 for Magnum and ~8 for the Trojan Large. A latex tube will tend to shorten as you stretch it a little. So if you have the 6 in. girth you should be able to unfurl a Magnum XL completely on a NBP dick over 7-7 1/8”. So for big girth guys the Magnum XL is the best choice, and probably the biggest volume-wise. Thats my overthinking in a nutshell.

I have a girth of 5.25 and cannot use regular condoms. They kill me.

My wife and I use Life Stlyes Large. They’re cheaper than Trogans. It is fun buying Large condoms, but more fun using them.

Peace and god Bless

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rakishly, where did you get those measurements? I was all over the Trojan website, didn’t see actual sizes listed anywhere.

I find it hard to believe that the biggest girth condoms they make would only accomodate up to a little over 5” of girth, which I’ve always seen reported as the average.

There was a thread at peforum a while back, and I thought it was found that the girth rating was much higher for the magnums and xls…

Twatteaser: the man, the myth, and the legend in his own mind.

Originally posted by Good_Knight
Hey Fauven - are we speaking cock therapy here?

I’m sure RB can give her all the cock therapy she needs ;)

Sometimes therapy is necessary for women (and few men) who have a warped perception of sex as a result of their religious upbringing. Most times this problem is found with women with a Catholic background. There’re several support groups on the Internet for women whose sex life suffers because they’ve been brainwashed into thinking it’s dirty; that any thing other than missionary is sinful; premarital sex is a one way trip to hell and is for whores; and that sex is just bad in general. I feel especially bad for those who refuse to participate in premarital sex, as I feel sexual compatibility is an important part of a marriage. In my humble opinion, it’s unwise to wait until after the wedding to see if you and your new spouse are sexually compatible. If not, some people can deal with it—but it can and will cause problems in most marriages.

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I pulled this out of one of MDC’s posts at peforum-

“I measured some condoms and the results are here somewhere. Regular sized ones have 4.5” unexpanded girth. I measured the three different brands I had and all were the same.

Trojan Magnum and Magnum XL are 5.25” and 5.5”

Don’t believe any sites that you find on “girth.” The numbers I’ve seen on sites don’t even come close to what I measured”

This is what I was remembering. Now if he simply layed them flat and measured the width, I don’t know, but that would give a false circumference. To be accurate, the diameter would have to be measured with the condom open as if it were worn.

Fauven, my wife thinks if we do it anyway other than missionary I’m cheating on her :) :(

Got a link for any of those support groups? Perhaps I can learn something to help her along…

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Ah it sounds like 5.25 is right then for the magnum since both the measurments and believers personal experience match. Maybe 5.25 girth is the size where you have to ‘move to the next level’:) . has lots of stats, but I don’t think girth is one of them

That’s an awesome story man, very inspirational :)

Originally posted by seven_wants_ten has lots of stats, but I don't think girth is one of them

The numbers typically quoted are width in millimeters when laid flat. So that’s 1/2 the unstretched girth. Why did they invent a new confusing standard? Probably some engineers or marketing guys that don’t want to use outright girth figures. Guys have commented that stretching that measurement an inch is the boundary for comfort. I find that pretty accurate. The problem I’ve had at 6.75-7 bpel and 6.2 base girth pre-PE is that when I use the bigger girth condoms they’re a little too long. So they don’t unfurl all the way and I’m left with a triple thick rubber band at the base that makes even a 1” stretch uncomfortable and I needed almost 2” of stretch since they taper down.

These days at 7.5 ish the rubber band is is only double thick. Less constricting but still sucky. At my goal of 9-9.5 they’ll unroll all the way and be less constricting but far from completely comfortable. Being “blessed” with girth has its drawbacks for a single guy who must use condoms. Somtimes in the past I would have traded down, fucking with a tourniquet on blows, but my partners have always loved it. There are times when I would prefer a handjob to gloved fucking, and I would always prefer a blow job to fucking if she’s up to it. Getting longer will help solve the condom problem a little.

That’s wierd, I’m 5.5” girth and I’ve been using regular condoms… maybe it’s because they’re all I’ve tried and now that I think about it they’ve always been kind of tight, even more so since I’ve started PE’ing.

I am going to steal all of RB’s stories and sell them.

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I am about 5.4 inch girth. I have always had issues with condoms :( I was 5.25 pre-pe. Getting them over my head was a pain in the ass with a full erection, and I feel like I am getting choked now since the condom ends high up. I can also only maintain 90-95% erection. I don’t know what my head girth is since it shrinks when a ruler gets near it :)

I bought a 3 pack of magnums yesterday, and a normal size durex 3-pack. I do not have the balls to try it on with the girl present, so I tested it yesterday. It fit like a glove. Very comfy, it rolled all the way to the bottom. I did not feel like my dick would need cpr either.

The new gf is in trouble when I see her tomorrow :) All my other condoms got the round bin, except the 3 durex’s that I bought. I need an emergency stash.

I hate condoms, the base of my cock is fatter than the rest it’s like a tree trunk that spreads out from hanging so the condom tends to roll up and become annoying.

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So I have a girth of about 5.5 and I tried Magnum but they still leave about two inches of my cock uncovered (8.75x5.5) and I have problems with slipping off because of friction before. Should I go to the Trojan Large because they are larger in Length? Hs anyone tried them versus the Magnum?


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