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My experience with Trojan Magnums


My experience with Trojan Magnums

I’m bored shitless, so I thought I’d post this.

Recently, my wife quit taking the pill. After a few weeks, she started to actually be horny and want sex, a big big and it goes without saying welcome change :) Only problem was, condoms were our only recourse and 1- she hates them and 2- we live in a small town and she refused to let me go buy them locally for fear of being seen by someone we know.

Over the weekend, our kids went to stay with my parents one night, so we hopped in the car and drove to a neighboring much larger town. I told her I hoped they had Magnums, and she laughed and said “what, you think you’re too big for regulars now” with a your so full of shit look on her face. I just smiled and said “without a doubt”. She made a comment about better make sure they fit over ego, she didn’t want to get pregnant, etc. I told her the biggest risk of them breaking was if they were too tight, which regulars would be. She just shook her head and said I better be sure.

Quick point about my wife. She had a strict catholic upbringing, is sexually repressed, doesn’t like to talk about sexual matters and was a virgin until she met me :) Although I have grown substantially during PE, she doesn’t obsess about dick size, and is not fixated on it, no matter how much more she enjoys it. She just doesn’t have a database to compare me to, so doesn’t think of me as anything more than average.

I walked in the store, slapped the box of magnums down on the counter, and the elderly lady told me to have a nice weekend. I said I planned to :)

On the way home, she again said, “are you sure they’re gonna fit” I told her yes, and probably snuggly, but they didn’t have magnum XLs, so these would have to do. She laughed, and I told her about average sizes, etc, and she said “so you’ve been measuring, huh” I said yes, only way to track progress, so I know I’m comfortably in the upper percentiles of penis size. This was probably only the 4th conversation we’ve ever had related to pe. It’s an unspoken thing. She didn’t say anything more, but seemed to be really turned on.

Later when we were in bed messing around, she was getting really worked up, and said “it’s time to see if they fit”. I hopped up, ripped one open with my back turned to her, and rolled it down. It was snug, but not unbearable. I turned to her, my sheathed erection pointing right at her and said “see for yourself how the big size fits”. She grabbed my rod, and was utterly suprised at the snug fit. She seemed to get turned on even more, and I am confident it was partially due to the fact that she was about to be fucked by a “big” cock was sinking in. Prior to this condom episode, I don’t think she thought of me as “big”. Now she had to face the fact and I think the realization really turned her on.

As I mounted her, she started moaning. It was then that I realised I was already over a 3rd of the way in her. Fucking condoms, I hate them. No feeling whatsoever. Normally she agrees with me, but not tonight, after I started thrusting away, she was really getting off, and said these aren’t so bad, as the words gave way to more moaning and heavy breathing.

When we were finished, she was well satisfied, and as we lay in bed she couldn’t keep her hands off my unit. She made several comments about how big it felt, must be all the “dick exercises”, I said just wait baby. I then asked her how much bigger she would like it, and she started to hesitate saying it was fine, etc, but I said bullshit, I’m gonna make it bigger, how much bigger do you want it? As she stroked me, she said not much longer, but thicker. Exactly my goals :) I just smiled and told her to give me time, but soon she was gonna be a slave to my cock. That seemed ok with her… :)

reminds me of the joke - one guy to another

“hey buddy - do you know what it says when you unroll a condom all the way” - other guy repies no, what?

First Guy - I didn’t think you’d know!!!

Jesus RB that story gave me a hard-on. I keep on fantasising just about the reactions and watching a girl get off on MY big cock. As I haven’t had any gains yet - and still consider myself puny - it’s all still fantasy - but I can’t wait until it becomes a reality. F*cking great story mate - inspirational.

Yes, thanks for the info!

Struggling with a peyronies injury during sex and loss of size after having been into PE.

Isn’t that what they always say? No matter what size it is they always seem fine with the length but always want more girth. That’s what my lady said.

Great story RB.


There is no replacement for displacement

You should write erotica. If not for personal pleasure, you should at least write it to give jelqers here at Thunder’s something to keep them up. OK, OK … I’ll admit it. I just want to hvae some good erotica to read.

Thanks for sharing this experience, it was both good to read and arousing. You know, it isn’t uncommon for women of a strict Catholic background to have reservations with sex. Sometimes it’s severe and sometimes it’s manifested as excessive shyness, but it (usually with therapy) can be overcome. Seeing that your wife was turned on by your big dick, once she realized it was big, and admitted she wanted more girth, maybe she’s about to come out if :) . I’ve read that it can be pretty stressful for women who have this problem, so I’m always glad to hear when someone seems to be overcoming their socialization in this respect.

"Only enemies speak the truth; friends and lovers lie endlessly, caught in the web of duty". -Roland, in Stephen King's The Last Gunslinger

Originally posted by ThunderSS
Hey bunbuster,

That dam avatar of yours makes it real hard to concentrate on your posts. You have a bigger copy?? If so, post it in DW's or something. Please. :)

I apologize for the distraction. :) It seems we have very similar taste in women.

I wish I had the full size copy of that pic. All I have is the thumbnail version. :( I got it from one of those sites that has a bunch of thumbnails but when you click on them instead of getting a picture you get a bunch of popups and crap.

If anyone has the full size pic please post it. I’d love to have a copy.


There is no replacement for displacement

Originally posted by ThunderSS
Hey bunbuster,
There is a thread in DW's called “Can you find this” or something like that. It is an internet search game. Ask in that thread and maybe someone will come up with it. I hope so.

Awesome. I’m on my way there now.

You inspired me to start this thread:

Best Floppy Breastages

Hope it doesn’t cost you too much in bandwidth (I plan to contribute as soon as I can use one of credit cards again). I have a buttload of fine butt pictures if there is an interest.


There is no replacement for displacement


What an awesome experience! I tried out the mag condoms myself a few months back and had the same experience with them, only I did it by myself… I was sort of nervous when I went up to the counter to pay for them but did it anyway… I wonder if the xl’s would fall off the trout… Might try them out next…

Great story RB. I really think a lot of sex for women is fantasy so i totally agree with what you said knowing she was about to be fucked by a big cock turned her on a lot. What size are the magnum condoms for? I mean what size would you have to go from regulars to them.. I’m thinking of making that size my first goal. Man look on a hot cashiers face when buying them would be PRICELESS.

Oh ya I had a thought while doing some testicle health massaging. You know how our testicles seem to love zinc, well what about crushing up a zinc tablet into some mosturizing cream, (i’m using some mosturizing cream with cocunut butter, because i love the smell). Then rubbing that cream mixed with zinc into your skin for your testicle health massage, and applying some after your done too. And maybe just whenever you apply mosturizer. Just a thought was curious to hear what you guys thought of it.

Hey Fauven - are we speaking cock therapy here?

Hate to burst your bubble RB, but given women’s fortitude for telling the whole truth in this area, coupled with their genetically horrible sense of length/distance/magnitude, “not much longer” could be four inches. Better have her show you what she means with a ruler ; ) Otherwise, what a great way to prove to your wife in a convincing way that she is pounded by a schlong among schlongs.

BTW, the biggest condoms out there though are Trojan Large in the green wrapper. But that name wouldn’t make the same impression as “Magnum XL”

Thanks guys. I was lying in bed last night thinking of this post, and was worried that I came off sounding cocky (I wonder where they came up with this word… :) ), thinking I had a big dick and all. While statistically I apparently do, I still don’t feel like it. However, the wife is starting to feel like it, and I guess that’s what counts :)

I started pe for myself and also to match my dick size to her vaginal capacity, as I knew deep in my heart a bigger dick would do her much better. So far, I am proving my thoughts right. I can’t wait to get to the point where I am grinding her cds while my girth is giving her g-spot a deep massage. That is my ultimate goal, rather than dimensions. Whatever it takes, it takes. Fortunately/Unfortunately for me, it will most likely be huge :) :( Still have a ways to go.

I can see her reservations slowly melting, and getting her off the pill has been a blessing in disguise. I recently learned their are 4 side effects from the pill that directly relate, and she had/has all of them; 1- Weight gain, while she’s slowly been losing the weight the depo provera shots she took years ago put on her, it’s been a struggle. Seems much easier for her now, and it’s making her feel better about herself and therefore more willing to expose her body. 2- Low libido- She is now approachable and usually horny every day. A HUGE change. 3- Irritability- Has improved, as much as possible for the fairer sex :) 4- Swollen/sensitive breasts, they were puffed up like balloons and ultra senstive to the point she didn’t want me to touch them. This is much improved, so much so that I got my fill of them the other night and she loved it like she used to :)

The light at the end of the tunnel just keeps getting brighter and brighter. I can’t wait to burst through…

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