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Monty's Air Clamp?


Is Monty still not replying?

I found these on ebay… thinking of getting one. I actually have a blood pressure cuff and pump so I’d be able to pump it up, but if you didn’t have one you’d need to buy a pump too.…r-/201007026813

Anyone have a recommendation of what size to get? I’m maybe 6.3 inches base girth right now.

I think Monty reinforced them somehow. Foggy on the exact details but there was some reason a normal neonatal cuff didn’t work and he had to modify them.

If you search around enough the old threads I think he discussed his mods somewhere.

The smaller sizes available with the veterinary cuffs could have some potential. I suppose I’d go for the smallest size I could still get through flaccid and experiment from there.

Before 5.5" x 4.1" volume 7.3 ci ////// Now 7.4" x 4.9" volume 14.1 ci

If anybody has a large phallosan bell they don’t need I have an air clamp I would trade for it.


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