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Monty's Air Clamp?


I think I’m going to try this, I cable clamp 3x5 one time a day now but I find I get problems at times keeping my erection as well. Thanks guys.

I just ordered mine today. I still had a hard time justifying the price . All the great reviews though helped . One of my biggest issues with clamping is for whatever reason my wrapping is never consistent, so I never get consistent pressure and expansion and spend a lot of time adjusting everything. So I’m hoping to save a bit of time, get consistent results, and if it traps blood better I should really start making girth improvement.

Can anyone post more pictures of this device please? Are there any instructions for making your own air clamp?

Where can i order this i found an air clamp but not sure who makes it?

Originally Posted by Nick2016
Where can I order this I found an air clamp but not sure who makes it?

Peweights website. Customer service is good. Ordered a couple times from there. Email him once and response was quick. I own the air clamp from him. It’s nice. Haven’t had time to really use it though.


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