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Moles, Freckles & Discoloration from Clamping

Moles, Freckles & Discoloration from Clamping

I started clamping in 2011. Going into it, I knew from other stories there would be discoloration. I had also read things that indicated this faded in time.

After a year or two of clamping, not only was there discoloration, but I had many freckles and two noticeable moles develop. I took a 3 year break at this point, the discoloration faded little to none over that time. The moles / freckles did not change.

Nether the less, at the start of this year, I decided to start clamping again. 7 months later I have 4 - 5 noticeable moles and many light brown colored spots, which I’m referring to as freckles. The constant stress of clamping has had a negative effect on the skin and I believe the freckles, with enough time, could turn into moles if I continue.

I’m not super concerned about the moles as they’re not raised or abnormal in shape. But, the growing quantity is bothersome, especially as I’ve gained little to no girth.

I guess I’d like this post to serve as two things. First a potential warning. Secondly, a place to ask if anyone else has had a similar experience? I’ve googled and searched directly here on Thunder’s but haven’t found relevant threads.

I’ve clamped for about 3-4 weeks a few years ago and didn’t notice any permanent freckle like spots. Maybe you could attach a picture (just the freckles you mention) so that way we could see what they look like?

My progress thread: Nine progress thread

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Honestly I can not see how clamping could possibly cause moles or freckles.Small blood blisters yes but they go away quickly.

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Freckles are simply pigmentation. Moles are actual skin cells. As far as I know freckles can not turn into moles.

I’m surprised your discoloration didn’t fade after taking such a long break.

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