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modifying clamps

modifying clamps

Someone made a post once about how to modify your clamp with padding of some sort so you didn’t have to wrap. What materials can I use to do this?

I used the bottom of an old t-shirt, cut into a thin strip and doubled it over on itself. Then I super-glued it to the inside of my clamp.

I used self stick felt, like you’d use for the bottoms of furniture or lamps etc. Cut to fit, stick on and you’re set.

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I take an old (or new) cotton sweat band since these are hollow and cut them to fit my base fully engorged (about 6.75”). I fit the first 1~1.5 inches down by the hinge so that can’t bite me then pass the ratchet arm out of the remainder of the sweatband through a slit I cut- this provides padding as you tighten the clamp down.

(Sex while fully clamped can be interesting too!)

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Tried it. Always got the pinch. I used paper towels, folded with duct tape.

Line each side of a medium clamp with 0.5” wide x 0.125” thick 3M poster tape. I put 4 layers each side for my 5.7” erect girth. Jamb clamp as hard as possible against pubic bone while closing/kegling/pulling out on dick at same time. I use the clamp without padding; works great.

I wrap my cable clamp with a 1” wide coflex tape. Very comfortable on my penis.


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