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Men exaggerating size in surveys. Read This.


Originally Posted by Para-Goomba

Any women who has been around a bit would know that that’s a thick cock. Whether she’d acknowledge to you that it’s a thick cock is another story, as the 8x6 guys around here who have been called “pencil dicks” can tell you :D .

Makes me think of Wad’s recent doctor thread. If she can act like his girth size is just alright, what in the world would she think about someone with <5g ? It shows what us guys can be up against in some women’s views and/or attitudes. In Wad’s case we know his thickness is near the top in g % on charts. She didn’t know who she was messing with—- his knowledge of sizes—- and he called her bluff big time.

All these “studies” are pure bullcrap. The main flaw, of course, is that they use volunteers. If I were a professor grading a student’s research on penis size done using volunteers, I’d give it an F- without reading further.

This Lifestyles study tries to pull a scientific statement out of, “Volunteers tended to be groups of friends, which helped ensure a wide range of penis sizes (big and small) and provide a more accurate average figure.” How they came to that conclusion is beyond me.

A guy with a four inch inch erection probably isn’t going to participate — even with his friends along (especially with his friends along).

Until a team of researchers grabs 500 men at random, gets them all hard and does precise measurements, I rate all these studies as “pretend science.”

It reminds me a friend of mine who started every story about one of his sexual experiences with “She was gorgeous.” I knew a few of the women he slept with, and I promise he’s the only one who thought they were even good-looking.

On the other hand, another friend’s stories always included, “I didn’t realize how butt-ugly she was until I sobered up.” His stories were considerably more interesting to listen to.


Thanks for that. Yea, 5.9”-6.5” bp average sounds more right. That’s all I was suggesting.

Food for thought: According to online condom suppliers, MOST large condoms have a width of 1.5 icnhes. Taking this mesurement the girth of the condom would be 1.5 x 3.14 = 4.71 inches. Now if the average girth according to this article is 4.9 - 5 inches…then the average person could easily fill the girth of a large condom. This does NOT make sense. From this I definitely think the average girth is less then 5 inches. Moreover, as someone stated earlier 5.5 inches girth is pretty damn thick. Someone correct me if I’m wrong somewhere here.

Look here:


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Durex XXL is nice but it probably will never happen :(

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Originally Posted by naturist
Until a team of researchers grabs 500 men at random, gets them all hard and does precise measurements, I rate all these studies as “pretend science.”

Try clicking on the thread I linked to. You’d be surprised.

One of the studies involved 3,300 Italian military men selected at random. Others involved the penile injection of a drug that induces 100% erection in men, regardless of their arousal level. As for your concern about “precise” measurements, I suspect that MDs know how to use rulers :D .


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