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Men exaggerating size in surveys. Read This.


What I don’t get is this: I’ve got a 7” pecker (bp), and I’m about 5 1/8” eg. That makes me a 1/2” bigger than the top end of the average of which you speak and 1 1/2” over the bottom end of this average, and a shade over the average thickness. I’ve slept with a fair number of women. One said I was big. But I really think she was trying to get on my good side. Another girl said I was unusually thick, but that I was a bit shorter than some of the other men she knew. This girl had only slept with a small number of men by then. The only other woman who commented said that I was average, based on her experience. She has slept with a few guys, but by no means a lot. She is a very kind and honest person, and she told me I was average to encourage me, not discourage me: I complained about being small.

Based on what these women have said, it’s hard for me to believe that a 7” knob is not quite common, i.e. at least somewhat “average.” As I’ve said, none of these women have slept with a lot of men. Did they just get lucky? Not that any of this matters very much. I just find it hard to believe that 7” is that much above the average. O well …

Well 7” BP is around 6.5” or so NBP? So that would be perfectly around the average size to what they see since there not pushing there fingers into your fat pad to see what you are BP(maybe they are I don’t know), but usually I would imagine you would appear to be around 6.5 or so NBP and since that is what they see, that appears average.

Originally Posted by motivated
What I don’t get is this: I’ve got a 7” pecker (bp), and I’m about 5 1/8” eg.

Good question.

First, women generally care a LOT, LOT more about girth than about length — and your girth is only a tiny bit above average.

Second, I wonder how thick your fat pad is. Women are mainly going to express reaction to NBP.

Third, supposing your fat pad is average, that means your visible penis is maybe 1” longer than average. This is NOT a big deal to most women. An inch of length makes a negligible difference volumetrically and only a small difference visually (although we PEers care a lot about the visual aspect; that’s mostly what I’m in the game for).

In sum, I suspect that “size reactions” from women — good or bad — are much more pronounced for girth variations. An additional half-inch of girth can be a lot of penis. For women to gasp at the length of a dick, something pretty darn unusual is required — I’m thinking 8.5” BP and up. I started PE at 7” NBP/7.5” BP, and no one really thought anything of the length.

HI guys

Since we’re discussing the penis size matter in this thread, here’s one of my most important questions that I am not sure about!

The measurement process, how do you do it the CORRECT way, meaning the way that everybody does, so I can compare myself with the average:

What I mean is the angle of the penis while measuring, is it 90° (horizontal while standing) or straight up (0°) into the air (natural position, not pushing it down)?

My lenghts shrinks more than 1 inch when I measure on 0°! This is really important for me because if the way to measure is the second one I am definitely small (4.7”)

Thanks for your help guys


90 degrees

Stats (bp) 2004/08/19 8.0 X 5.5" 2005/08/29 8.2 X 5.8" Goal - I am good for now

If all men are lying/exaggerating about their size, then I have the biggest cock in the world! :D


Observe... learn from other people's mistakes.

Originally Posted by JAPP
If all men are lying/exaggerating about their size…

not possible, how a guy with the real biggest cock can exaggerate then? So is it really you JAPP?

Stats (bp) 2004/08/19 8.0 X 5.5" 2005/08/29 8.2 X 5.8" Goal - I am good for now

Motivated, I always wondered about that also. Why do girls think I’m average when I’m in the high percentile. Is it something in my towns water?


I personally think it is damned hard to estimate something in width and lenght! For women it is even harder, because they don’t see too many penises, most don’t I believe. Even if they sleep with alot of men it stays tough. Obviously one can see that it’s rather 8” than 6” but the little differences that push the average up or down by .5”, thats hard.

Imagine two guys, both 6” Penis same girth
One is 6 feet an the other 5 ’ 8” tall. I bet most chicks would say the taller guy has a smaller penis!! It gets even more complicated when one is fatter than the other person, another distortion of judgment.

I believe what women beleive it’s average can be the real average (from the researches, for example 6”) +/-1” !

Now you can say they probably feel the difference! Most probably won’t feel the length differents when we are talking about average sizes. The vagina is around 4”long, so once you get much above average, the man won’t be able to penetrate with too much depth anymore, most women find it uncomfortable or even painful when the penis hits the uterus!
Width: as you know, the vagina is a hollow muscle hose, but always closed (imagine a H laying on it’s side) when the penis enters, the H will open up. But the women will only feel a big difference when the whole space is filled up by the penis. (Thats why there is many women around that can’t handle a big penis, ot is painful once the wall is streched to it’s fullest exten). Of course there are differences in the feeling when the penis size enlarges, but I bet no chick can feel a penis and say how long and thick it is!! And then there is the estimating of the size with the eyes..



What you say makes a lot of sense. Indeed, as we all know, girth is what the gals care about most. I’m trying to add at least another 1” or so length, so that I can then concentrate on girth. Unfortunately, I’m a bit of a hard-gainer in the length department. In time, I may just focus on girth instead (rubberband theory or not!), which I think I’ll gain more easily.

However, I’m still not convinced that the average is 5.5” to 6.5” bp. Perhaps I misunderstand you; this appears to be what you’ve said here and in another post. This would make the nbp average 5” to 6”. You may be correct that 1” length does not mean that much to (most) women. But as I said, one ex told me I was a bit less in length than other guys she’s been with, and she had only been with a few men. Perhaps she got lucky.

All I’m saying is that an average of 6.5 (bp or nbp), as the “self-measured” studies maintain, makes a lot more sense of comments I’ve heard from women. But I don’t want to insist on this. I certainly don’t know. Just food for thought. By the way, my fat pad is average.

Thanks to Thunder’s Place and all the girth exercises I’ve tried, I am now among the average in girth at 5.0! Woohoo!! :)

(previously low 4’s)

I think 5 is too high to be the average girth, its closer to 4.5 in my estimation. Our surveys here havent been that far off the average but the people who post most do tend to be above average, thankfully the sames not true of poll voters.

Originally Posted by Balrog
I think 5 is too high to be the average girth, its closer to 4.5 in my estimation. Our surveys here havent been that far off the average but the people who post most do tend to be above average, thankfully the sames not true of poll voters.

I believe average is closer to 5g. When I was 4.5 girth I was called pencil dick once. Granted, it was during an argument and she’s the only one to ever say that. I’ve never had to use K-Y lube with any woman, not even now at some bigger. I’d be quite surprised if average is 4.5, though I think it does fall within the average range scale.


If you read a little further down that monstrous thread, you’ll see that we (beenthere, others, and I) concluded that the BP average from those studies, adjusted for a few factors, is probably between 5.9” to 6.5”. Again, that would put you only .5-1” above the average (BP — if you have larger than average fat pad for your age, your penis may look shorter than average). It doesn’t strike me as surprising that one of your past women happens to have encountered penises that were on the long end of average. Nothing so surprising, anyway, that it makes me doubt medical studies looking at thousands of men. (Hell, if she’s had only a few lovers, there’s a chance, however small, that they all had 8x6!) Also remember that a thinner penis looks longer; maybe you’re a little thicker than the others, whether or not she recognizes it ;) .

Anyway, Surfdude makes a very important point: body size has a huge impact on how a penis appears. Wad, TT, and countless others here can attest to the fact that being either tall or heavy (muscular or fat) or both can make one’s dick appear miniscule.

Bottom line is that we all just have to PE till we’re at a size we feel okay about. If you’re concerned about appearing “above average” sizewise in the eyes of most of your lovers — which I don’t think is a ridiculous concern at all; we’re all vain — then you should probably aim for at least 5.5” of girth. Any women who has been around a bit would know that that’s a thick cock. Whether she’d acknowledge to you that it’s a thick cock is another story, as the 8x6 guys around here who have been called “pencil dicks” can tell you :D .


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