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Member's Progress Report Predictions


Originally Posted by Clemski
What do you guys think about me hitting 6.3x5.3 around August 20th.

I think you could hit your length mark but girth might be a bit trickier. But, you have been gaining girth at a pretty fast rate.

Originally Posted by best_jeppe
My goal is to have my goal-size before the end of the year. It is probably impossible but you know what they say “Aim for the stars, reach the treetops” :)

I never heard the last part of that saying, but I like it :)

Anymore predictions? How is everyone doing?

I know its about 4 months before New Years, but just curious.

If I can keep stretching 6 days a week, I think I’ll be at 6.8”NBP by New Years and going against the odds for a 7”NBP on Valentine’s Day :D


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