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Measuring flaccid

Measuring flaccid

I made a quick search and can’t find how flaccid lenght should be measured. The ruler against your hanging penis or you hold your penis parallel to the floor and measure nbp?

Thank You

7 11/16" ELBP, 7 3/16" NBPEL 5 5/8" EG (mid), 8 1/8 " SL

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Easiest to measure the same way as you do it erect, BPressed, so you always have the same base for your calculations. Because there is so much fluctuation, take some daily measurements, then average them out.



Do you stretch it?No right?

If you stretch it’s “SL”, if not it’s FL.


7 11/16" ELBP, 7 3/16" NBPEL 5 5/8" EG (mid), 8 1/8 " SL

Goal : 8" NBP 6" EG (mid)

I meaure bp with a tape hanging, which is not comparing apples to apples but that is how I do it nevertheless.

Erect I use a ruler and hold it at 90 degress to the bod.

Most of us have some slight variation. The important thing is to measure the same way every time. Otherwise it fluctuates too much.

I’m on cold medicine now so willy is in a “turtle state.” And my normal flaccid is way down (forget about getting a good erection). But if I stretch it hard straight up, also diagonally, (which I’ve been doing since I started PE), I get my usual 9” to 10” measured length. This reassures me that my present “down” state is only temporary.


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I reckon non-bone pressed is the way to go for flaccid size, since it’s only ever for visual impact.

(Conversely, when erect, (1) you can fuck or be sucked all the way to the bone, and (2) you need consistency of measurement from day to day to see if you’re growing, so BP is the important measure.)

I often use something physical to measure against, like a talc bottle or deodorant container which can be pressed just against the skin next to the penis, and mark the length off with a pencil, then measure that with a rule. That way there is no temptation to push the object in at all. I measure with the dick hanging in it’s normal way since that’s what people see.

Prior to measurement, I always do some sort of physical activity (like spinning around a couple of times and stopping quickly) to make sure that my dick is not compressed up from being in my pants, but nothing too drastic so as to promote an erection.

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I measure flaccid hanging down NBP, so basically I measure what would be visible.


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