I have normal girth a little of 6.1 in mid and bottom of shaft at anytime during erection.

I have had 6.5 girth and get it many times at end of training. Problem is the training takes a long time and I do it rarely. I get it either with 3x 20min pumping 3- 4 inHG. Between pumping sets I do 10 min clampings and i do a total of 1 or 2 clampings + the mentioned pumping. After that maximum girth has been about 6.5 inch.

I also get about a 6.3 girth if i just do jelq maybe 100 repetitions and 2x 10min clamping. Actually clamping is the exercise that gives most to this after training girth expansion from what I have noticed. because the pumping was done mainly as erect pumping and no donut ever occure, the girth is real girth and not just bodyfluids in penis.