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Manual stretching

Manual stretching

If someone could be so kind to show me a good manual stretching thread, I’d be most grateful.

As I have mentioned in my earlier threads, my flaccid measurement is borderline pathetic and I want to increase it.

Other members have informed me that my 6” girth is already fine, so I am now concentrating on length. I’m looking for 1 to 1.5 inch total gains.

Any and all stretching comments or links to stretching routines would be most helpful to me.

I enjoy jelqing in the shower and continue to jelq, but I am looking for length gains and a healthier looking penis.

Thanks men!

Let's have the time of our lives whilst we are here!

I’ve got the same problem as you.

My girth has always been fine, and i’m really looking for length of an inch or two flaccid. So i’m always cautious when looking at exercises because I really don’t want to increase girth at the same time.

As far as I know, hanging is for length. But I don’t have the weights or privacy to hang.

I mainly stick with V-stretches but am not noticing much difference in flaccid length.

Found Information

Sorry for the el stupido inquiry on beginners info. I found it and realize I have been jelqing wrong but I’m seeing gains in girth.

I havae been using a two handed jelq where I get myself to 60% erect and hold my rod at the base in the OK position. I tighten down the clamps with this hand and use my strong hand to do the jelqing to the glands.

I hope this is not dangerous. It doesn’t hurt and my rod feels heavier in hand after 100 to 150 jelqs. I have applied the hot wraps before and after. Time is an issue with me, so I don’t wrap for 5 minutes…..1-3 at best.

I plan to try the one handed jelq alternating hands now and incorportate a long stretching routine. I’m looking for 1” to 1.5” gains in length. I am at 6” nbp right now and 6” girth. I never realized or thought I had good girth, and this gives me great encouragement in reaching length gains.

Has anyone gained 1.5” in length? And how long did it take with what method? Thanks for putting up with a newbie.

Let's have the time of our lives whilst we are here!

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