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lot problem

lot problem

Hey guys, I have read all the threads on LOT, for the most part all of their posts, but I seem to have a problem.
I do not have a Loss of tugback. I have read and re-read all the stuff about LOT, and I’m pretty confident that I am doing it correct, but I have no loss of tugback. All angles, straight up to like all the way down, I it always tugs back.

Does this mean that my ligs are VERY tight and that I should get LOTS of lig gains? Or that they are too tough so that I should forget about focusing on lig gains? Maybie I’m a freak, and should be put in jail? Heh, I always wondered why my penis was the way it is, cause I recall seing my father when I was young, and he was very big, and I have a naturally decent girth ( 5 inch girth, with no gains in the little over month of PE soo far) but only like 5.9-6” length, maybie my ligs are holding me back?

Cheebs, a common mistake that guys make is going by feel.
Go by what you see.

Grab your head with thumb and finger, stretch it out semi-gently, then kegel.
Look for when you SEE the head physically stop moving with your kegel contractions.

Yeeeeeeeeeaaaaarrrrrrrrrrgh! ~Howard Dean Illustrations & Diagrams PE -- What's it all about? Read this.

Was pretty sure I was going by what I saw, and just checked to make sure, and its true. I get 1/4 an inch at like all angles except STRAIGHT down and beyond straight down…

Does anyone have any ideas?

Too many guys put too much emphasis on that LOT theory IMHO. Stretch in all directions regardless of your LOT. If you feel like going with what your LOT is, then do more stretches at high angles (pull up). But for the love of all mankind, don’t neglect pulling at low angles just because you have a low LOT.

Having a low LOT doesn’t mean you can’t gain. Does it mean you will have a harder time gaining? It depends on who you ask really.

You are not a freak (well not because of you low LOT anyways ;) ). Having a low LOT means you have long/loose ligs and tunica gains are what you will experience.

And a minor detail the Ram left out is that you only want to see the head “tug back”. If the head is moving because the entire shaft is moving then you have past your LOT.


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