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Long Term Penile Damage



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Now tell me, what exactly scares you about PE?

Originally Posted by whoareyou
Here is a thought I’ve had recently. PE, as we know it here, has not really been properly “tested” till now, so we really don’t have any idea as to what kind of long term effects it has.

Impotence in old age cause of overuse? Flabby muscle syndrome that bodybuilders (eg. Arnie Gropenegger)? So on, and so on.

Sure, it works in the short term, but both practically and theoretically, what are we doing to our dick in the long run? Are we making them stronger and healthier, or vice-versa?

See, the problem is, there probably isn’t a person about who has been doing PE for 30-40 years that could resolve this issue.

1) How thoroughly tested must PE be? There have been guys who’ve done it for many years, and report no ill effects.
2) What, pray tell, is “flabby muscle syndrome”?? I was heavily muscled in my youth, but my muscles never turned flabby - the rest of me did. Muscle can no more turn into fat than tendon can turn into bone, or fat turn into ligament. Those are entirely different tissues. And, in reality, Ahnuld is built damn good for a guy his age. And there are many others: Jack Lalane, Albert Beckles, Frank Zane, Franco Columbu, etc., etc., etc.
3) I can’t imagine anybody doing PE for “30-40 years.” I mean, why would they? Nobody would even get gains for that long. Most guys probably PE in the 3 to 6 year range, if that.

Furthermore, do you know what the long-term results of not PEing are? Gradual, progressive penile shrinking, loss of PC tone & reduced circulation - i.e., erectile problems.
PE has done nothing but good things for me.


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