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Long breaks & gains


Are you talking to me Babbis?

If so, I’m not hanging anymore. Strictly clamping and jelqing, though the routine has been mostly clamping as I have had problems with my fingers (fever causing rheumatic symptoms in most joints)

No, that was for Dicko6X5. How are you progressing with clamping Sacred?

Quite well. I’ve gained in length which is what I wanted all this time with other routines but only succeeded with clamping.
However, as above I have a problem with girth decreasing, especially in the morning. I don’t know whether this is due to my penis getting longer or what. I guess it would make sense.

I wonder whether to focus on girth exercises, carry on with the same routine or take a break.
One thing stopping me is that I want to make sure I have cemented that length, because it’s been my biggest breakthrough in PE which I cant put down to improved erections unlike my previous ‘gains’.

How much are we talking here? What frequency, intensity etc.? For how long have you been at it and has it been long since you saw that gain?

Light continuous manual stretching for one week is what I recommend for cementing in the modified newbie routine. A couple of minutes of stretching cold before you go to bed for 7 days… Two weeks of ADS has proved effective with my self and at least one other person that has done a IPR-style hanging routine (one of my team members).

I am on a bit of an Aristocane tryout so its basically high intensity clamping, as often as my schedule allowed. Daily in most cases.


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