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Good morning to you all guys.

I have a question for those of you who has been doing PEing for years… Do you continue to grow? Are the no limits for how big we can get?



People do seem to keep gaining after years of PE. (some anyway)

Try reading the thread “collected wisdom from the Vets” (a particular favorite and motivator for me).

You can get to it from the main page under (recent articles)


There must be limits - as there are in all human endeavors (whether it be weightlifting, running, jumping, etc.). Think about it…if a man with a 6” erection began PE on his 18th birthday, and gained only 0.5” per year, he’d have a 10-incher by his 26th birthday.

Now, if his gains slowed in half, he’d have 12.25” by his 35th birthday, and 14.75” by his 45th birthday. By age 60, his penis would be 18.5” long, and an even 21” by age 70, LOL. And that’s with very modest gains per year (0.5” yearly the first 8 years, and only 0.25” per year thereafter).

I agree that there must be limits.
There has to be…

But I think it is drastically different for each guy.
Just like some guys are genetically predetermined excellent muscle gainers or learners or whatever, the ability to grow the penis is a varying trait….

Some guys, no matter what their starting size, may be able to add several inches in length and girth, whereas others might only be able to gain a half in in total, no matter how hard or long they pull.

This is a slightly discouraging truth, but I believe that almost everybody has the potential to gain, at least a little. And a little is better than nothing, right?

I’ve grown 0.8 inch over a period of about 3 years then when I really started doing PE I gained another 0.8 inch in less than 6 months. My limiting factor at the moment is my dorsal lig. When I beat that I don’t see any reason why I wouldn’t continue growing again. I’m at 8.86 bpel now.

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