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Lifesyle change

Lifesyle change

I wanted to see if anyone has changed their lifestyle due to PE. When I started PE I just pumped anywhere from 20 to 30 minutes a day for 3 months. I stopped for 3 months due to a relocation to Miami, FL. I recently started up again and have incorporated jelqing in my routine(I get bored quick) I jelq for 30 min and pump for 30 min with acouple of other excercizes in between. Well anyway, my job is alot more stressfull and there it is easier to get caught up in the night life here. So Ive been partying quite abit. Of course consistency is everything and I havent gone out for a week and am trying to concentrate on my PE efforts more than partying. I even joined the gym. I have had decent flaccid gains and am very anxious for erect gains. My goal is 7 and 5.5 girth. Right now I’m ‘6 about 4.5 girth (was 4.0 to start)which is attributed from doublelongdaddy’s advice to also do hores440s. I gained in the first week and have been stagnant since. I can probably blame this on goin out. I’m at the point of not tryin to get laid like another guy posted recently and his member is bigger than mine. Well I dont want to get long winded but would appreciate some feedback on my situation.


I certainly have changed my lifestyle. I try to keep in shape alot more by running a few miles a day and doing some push ups and sit ups on the side. I also have changed my eating habits, i now take a daily vitamin and eat two apples and two oranges a day. It may not be alot, but I belive it helps, I now have rock hard abs and my arms seem bigger.

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