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psychologial change after gains

psychologial change after gains

I’ve been bullied a lot about the short penis I had. Although flaccid is still the same, erect is average now. 6,5 inch. And I have learned from taoists books and practice how to use it and be a better lover.

Now I tend to let the world now that I am changed. That they can’t hold me down anymore. That I am strong, I really feel so. Feels like I am on fire lots of the time.
It feels like blossoming up. Like becoming my true self. That one is off course not only because of the PE.

And also no anxiety to others anymore for the possibility that they will make joke’s. So not being extra nice anymore. Just myself, thats an ok guy. I got to know him the last two years.

Also a “non giving a fuck” feeling towards the persons who always broke me up.
That last one is not good and I want to change that. That will happen. Maybe you can help me in this. I would appreciate it. I want to hear suggetions of you guys how I can change that. Maybe it will give me new insights.

I don’t have it to everyone, only the ones I can remember who always consciously tried to break me. The ones who knew that was my weak point.

I must be honest. It’s a real “non giving a fuck” feeling and “well now fuck you then” feeling. Now it feels strong, but in the long run such a attitude will not be positive for the interaction with other people.

Please give me some idea’s, I want to change that now I still can.
I don’t want to become an asshole. Then I could better stop PeĆ­ng.


I, can, I can, I can not, can not compute..

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Are you asking how to forgive the people that hurt you? Maybe if you tell us a little more about these people were, and what exactly they did to you we could give you some advice.

I do know that understanding is a good step in the path towards forgiveness. If you can understand why exactly they did what they did; if you can find out what it is in their own lives they are insecure and unhappy about, then maybe you can forgive them.

Maybe you could ask them why? Let them know they hurt you, and ask them why they did it.

Hope that helps a little.



Anytime you allow someone to affect you in a negative way, you’re giving them power they shouldn’t have. The only choices you can make are for you, not for someone else. The only changes you can make in your life are about you. You can choose to be impacted negatively, or not. I know that this isn’t easy. A few years ago my family was deeply hurt by the actions of someone we loved and trusted. We found ourselves wanting revenge and were being eaten alive by these nagative feelings. After quite a bit of therapy, we learned to accept that others actions are out of the realm of our responsibility,and we can control how we react to others choices, not their choices. I hope you can find forgiveness for these others. Not so much for them, but for your own health and peace. Learn to protect yourself without being bitter and shutting out the whole world. Good luck to you.

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I think a lot of them just deny it if I would ask.

You’re avatar describe’s exactly, I mean precise how I feel sometimes. Although I feel great great love for a lot of persons to. Sometime’s even to the one;s who always tried to break me.

In the past I was a real hurt bitter hating person, so this feeling is just something that is left. Pe made me capable loving more and be more relaxed and myself. That is definety overshadowing the negative feeling I described. I only want to get rid off that feeling totally. Even the slightest bit of negativity is not good for my health and environment.

I, can, I can, I can not, can not compute..

I’ve got this problem too, I’ve found Holland a hard real place to do well in if your the slightest bit unconfident.

I’m happy to hear that your on your way to solving your problem. Good luck

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