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Leaving out kegels

Leaving out kegels

Just started jelquing and while I have a nice schedule that helps me allot 30 mins a day (weekends off) to jelq, but one thign I find myself forgetting to do is kegels…

Do kegels strictly help the penis become healthier or do they increase gains? I do a few a day, but really dont’ do the couple hundred some folks mention, although I’m trying to do them whenever I can remember since I spend most of the day on muh tush.


Do those Kegels !!! Make time to do them on a regular basis/schedule. They are important for your overall penile health. Maybe after you have been doing PE for a while you can work in a few exercises that require a good PC flex and that should help to keep your PC in shape.

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Once you isolate the muscle and learn to do them, you can do Kegels on the way to work, at work, watching TV, even right in front of your mother and she won’t have a clue unless you get a funny look on your face. :-)

Advice: Work up to Kegel routines slowly adding 5 or 10 only to your session each day or every few days. Soon you’ll be doing hundreds. Reason to work up slowly is that you don’t want to over-exert that muscle. There is a form of prostatitis that is suspected to be caused by too many Kegels or too strenuous ones, too soon. If you do this sensibly, though, no problem.



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