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Originally Posted by Titleist
You can get to six. It takes time, consistency and heat. Your size now is well above average.

Yeah. A lot of dedication. Thats what we are here for :)

Its not always easy but its not impossible.

Dia 1/Day 1- 15 mayo/May 2013- 15 cm X 13 cm. Ahora/Now- 16cm X 13.7cm.

The Size Myth In The Porn Industry

I thought my girth was average but now I see I am lower than average.


Starting messurements: 6.0 BPEL , 4.80 MEG ---- June/15

Milestone :7.1 BPEL , 4,85 MEG ---- June/16

Goal (Maybe??): 8.0 BPEL , 5.5 MEG

Originally Posted by Ziggy99
I thought my girth was average but now I see I am lower than average.


Where are you getting that? 4.95” is essentially 5”, which is the most common size on the chart on the first post on this thread, and a greater proportion of the other sizes are on the smaller side of 5” than are on the larger size, I’m not good with statistics but I would say that makes the average a little below 5”.

I always thought I was too thin in the shaft but never cared about it. Always just wanted an extra inch in length. Thought it would make me look huge (long and slim). Then I learned how how important girth was to the ladies and I started paying more attention to that.

My erect girth I think has been doing the trick for me over the years with the ladies. 5.25 is not huge but law of averages says I can be on the bigger end of what at least half of the women I have been with have previously encountered.

In my PE goals I still only care about getting that length but my girth I am finally happy with. I know it’s not huge but it is not thin either.

Feb 2016 BPEL ?NBPEL 6", EG 5.25

May 2016 BPEL 6 3/4", NBPEL 6 3/8, EG 5.25

July 2016 BPEL 7" NBEL 6 1/2, EG 5.5

Originally Posted by pontiuspolet
Question on the topic:
Girth: What is BIG?

I am going through a breakup right now which is causing me to go through some exaggerated levels of self-assessment and also causing me to double down on my commitment to PE.
Having just measured myself a fresh, I am 5.75” x 5.5”
When I put on a clamp, i am 5.75” x 6”

I’m 6’ and about 170lbs. A thin guy.
My dick looks small to me. I know it’s “average”, but it looks small.
I’ve never looked at my dick and thought, “holy shit that is a thick cock.”
However, I recently began to pay more attention to studies purporting to show girth averages for the male population
and they seem to come back alarmingly low in the girth department.

I don’t understand how the large majority of men are supposedly under 6” girth,
and yet, having observed first hand on myself what 6” girth is (i am using a “tailor’s tape” and have repeatedly measured it, staring in awe at how small 6” girth really looks) …
I can honestly say I am hard pressed to believe that this is truly considered above average, and I also that I AM NOT IMPRESSED.

Not only that.
As in
a. I don’t actually believe what the tailor’s tape is showing me: clamped I am allegedly at the upper end of the girth spectrum, passed which VERY few men seem to go.
b. I don’t actually believe what the study is claiming: that 6” is more or less the high end of the girth spectrum

and further,

c. I don’t actually believe that “most women” find anything larger than 6” girth to be uncomfortable or undesirable.

My former GF had NO problem fitting every single last inch of me in her mouth, and i could have banged on the back of her head and thrusted for dear life, and she would have barely gagged.

When i see posts like “with a penis larger than 6” girth, oral sex becomes impractical” i am left scratching my head.
How can that be?

??? THOUGHTS or MUSINGS please ???

1. You may have seen too many pornos with these “above average” guys and tiny little females, making the guys look HUGE. I’m not a big fan of porn, but they do use Hollywood trickery ad camera angles, and the way the girls hold the guys also lends to the illusion. You are above average girth, for sure. Length? Not so much.
2. You seem to have not been with very many women, reading your post critically. I have been with a pretty large number for oral sex, and a 6” girth is difficult for over 90% of women to work with, orally. Vaginally? They LOVE it, for the most part.

You should concentrate on length gains primarily, and girth second. You have Great Potential! :D

Going for "Big Ten" stats. How many teams are in that conference? ;)

OFFICIAL STARTING STATS: 8.5"+ BPEL, 6.00" MEG ( I found my old MEG measure, it was 6" exactly)

My pix thread: ..2bigalready's pics

I have found that I can get a ‘fair erection’ and measure, but when I am actually ‘in the moment’ (fvcking or BJ) my unit seems to be larger. I was around 5.0 MEG when I started up, in the mid-80’s and considered very thick by every girl that cared to comment. Probably actually 5.5” EG when I was actually performing. But I only was able to self-check around 5.0 before I started PE in earnest. Too bad I did not keep better records :D Great Thread!

Going for "Big Ten" stats. How many teams are in that conference? ;)

OFFICIAL STARTING STATS: 8.5"+ BPEL, 6.00" MEG ( I found my old MEG measure, it was 6" exactly)

My pix thread: ..2bigalready's pics


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