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Kegels got it's perks but is "this" common?

Kegels got it's perks but is "this" common?

Since I’ve recently started incorporating kegels into my PE routine of jelqing for 20 min. per day I’ve gained length and girth. My stats is now 8 1/4 in NBPEL with a midshaft girth of 6 1/4. I’ve started out at 7 3/4 NBPEL. I kegel religiously of late: in my car, walking my dog, at the gym where ever, whenever. The thing that is puzzling me is that my dick is starting to hurt. It’s not an excruciating kinda pain. Just a faint one. It feels as if too much blood is being pumped into my dick giving it an engorged flaccid appearance. I just wanna know if this is a common phenomenon. Have any of you guys experience this?

comments appreciated.

It happened to me to feel pain from having a very full erection but it never happened to me in a flaccid state. Maybe you’re just overworking your BC and it gets painful just as any other muscle does…

You grew a half inch just from adding kegels? Nice job man. How long did it take? As for your question I don’t have an answer, but does it feel like when your dick is engorged after a good PE session?

Originally Posted by powpow
Maybe you’re just overworking your BC and it gets painful just as any other muscle does…

Seems to be the likeliest explanation to me.

thanks for the replies guys. Powpow and doubles that was my initial feeling. I will cut back. The pain is not a constant thing it just happens about twice a day for about a min. LongEnough, I didn’t gain size from kegeling only. It’s a combination of kegels and jelqs. I’ve been PEing for like 4 years now, mostly off and on, until recently.

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