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Kegeling finally paid off!


Originally Posted by cocksman77
I have one question for you guys regarding edging. Kingpole, you said to slowly build up to an hour. I could probably sit there and masturbate for an hour while watching tv or or something, but once I actually start thinking of a girl.well then it’s a challenge to keep from getting to the PONR. Should I be passively just stroking it, or actually concentrating/pretending to have sex.?

I think of having sex is OK. But if it hinders the session don’t think about a girl until you decide it is time to cum. Perhaps others could also give input on this.
Me personally I think about more than one girl.

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What I have learned from kegeling is that it gives me control of my orgasm a bit more.

I can now get close to the ponr and with just a 30 second break in the stimulation and a few good kegels I am good to go for another couple of minutes.

I am certain that with practice I can get to a point where I just keep on pumping and give it a couple of super kegels and never skip a beat but I am not there yet.

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It’s not that hard while having sex, but my suggestion is to back off a little before where you would while masturbating, as the position and situation makes it a little difficult to time - better to err on the side of caution, as losing an erection is worse than just blowing your load… to the girl, at least :) .

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Well, I must add a little bit. Maybe I am gifted but I find myself so into sex when I’m laying pipe with the wife and I can still go for about 40 minutes before I actually need to cum. I make a mental note to myself that if I hold out and let her have the satisfaction of ramming on my dick until she orgasm’s, then when it is my time, I can cum as I wish. I usually let her reward me by sucking me off at the end. That is some rewarding stuff to look forward to. I could probably get a nut within 2-3 minutes of action, but I definitely hold out as long as I can by edging a lot! And I must say, the amount of load I let loose, makes me wonder what it would be like if I held it any longer! Something to think about if you have been a 2 minute man I guess. Also it does not hurt to stop fucking if you have to in order to avoid orgasm. I use to stop for a few minutes and just pleasure her until the feeling of ejaculation passed over, then wham back at it again.

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Thanks for all the replies guys. Literally 2 weeks ago I would have never imagined I would even have the control that I am beginning to achieve. I just kept doing the kegels every day and believing it would work eventually. Now I just need to find a girl to practice on….


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