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Kegeling finally paid off!


Kegeling finally paid off!

For the last couple months I have been doing 50 kegels a day, holding for 5 seconds each. I have also been edging every time I masturbate and can say that I am definitely able to last longer. I recently broke up with my girlfriend though, so I haven’t been able to test whether I can last longer while having sex. Anyway, last night I was masturbating/edging and after 20 minutes of this I was getting close to coming. Right before I came, I completely stopped touching myself and just held a very strong kegel. A small amount of semen came out, and I had a kind of mini orgasm. My penis remained hard and I was able to keep masturbating for a couple minutes and had ANOTHER orgasm. I have never experienced this in my life and still don’t really understand what happened. I was so excited that a couple hours later I tried doing it again and this time I stopped the orgasm and semen from coming out. For the first time in my life I actually had control over my orgasm. I am hoping that edging, kegeling, and perhaps some desensitizing gel (it has worked for me in the past) will finally turn me from a 2 minute man to someone enjoyable to have sex with :) Where do you guys think I should go from here, and what exactly did I experience last night? Thanks for reading!

I………really can’t say. I’ve never experienced anything like that. Although I’ve never been a “2 minute man,” once I round the final turn, I start blasting like Krakatoa.

Congratulations, man! That’s a great first step that a lot of people never get to with regards to semen retention/ejaculation control.

Next time you are edging and get to the point where you want to hold back with a Kegel, try standing up and very strongly clenching ALL of the muscles of the pelvic floor, especially the anal sphincters. Breath in deeply and hold your breath while you clench and imagine the energy being pulled back away from your genitals and up into your tail bone. Release the breath after 5 or 10 seconds, and begin to breath slowly and deeply into your belly, but HOLD THE CONTRACTION until your erection subsides.


Eventually you should be able to have an orgasm without losing any semen, and will be able to continue. It’s not the throbbing, genital-based orgasm your used to—it’s more like a warm, spreading feeling of power throughout your body. It’s mellower in some ways, but very nice.

With time, the actual physical clenching wont be necessary, but this works really well to train your mind/body to move the energy away from your dick and into your body. You can then incorporate this technique (without the intense full-pelvis contraction) into actual lovemaking.

Good luck!

Your doing good, slowly build up to an hour.

Speak softly carry a big dick, I'm mean stick!

You had what is none as a double decker orgasm. This website explains what you did at the bottom. Http:// you are lucky tho. I want to be able to do that soon!

Don’t get too excited, this exercise is extremely difficult to do during sex, its all about timing though. I was able to get up to 3 orgasms without stopping once awhile back. Also I’ve been experimenting with stopping in the middle of my PONR and only having a slight orgasm (making leaking out a little precum or semen, not sure which), and then allowing me to be hard again. Its like what you did except I don’t have to kegel. I usually do reverse kegels when I stop in the middle of my PONR, but I don’t think you would need to.

Thanks for all your replies. I definitely have a long way to go, but this was my first proof that the exercises really work.

Congratulations cocksman77.

I tried it last year and after about 10 unsuccessful attempt, I quit. Every time I had a full orgasm with ejaculation.

Nice job.

I’m Jealous

I’m joking

Well done cocksman77

Hi cocksman77,
IMO the secret to lasting longer is to relax, and take everything slow. I am able most times to come exactly when I am ready - but I did not start like this - I built up to it. Funnily enough, entering too soon can actually make it worse. Extra foreplay can actually help. Part of controlling early ejaculation is to train your brain/nervous system to accommodate more and more pleasure without “tripping the switch”.

The Edging is, IMO a great way of getting used to more pleasure without going to “overload”.

Originally Posted by cocksman77
I am hoping that edging, kegeling, and perhaps some desensitizing gel (it has worked for me in the past) will finally turn me from a 2 minute man to someone enjoyable to have sex with :) Where do you guys think I should go from here, and what exactly did I experience last night?

I’m with you except the part about desensitizing gel. I think that is actually a crutch that will impede the progress you are making otherwise.

I’d say, save your money, practice these other techniques, and learn to trust them.

Other wise, keep up the good work!

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After: I\'d like to show you something I\'m very proud of, but you guys in the front row will have to stand back.

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I have one question for you guys regarding edging. Kingpole, you said to slowly build up to an hour. I could probably sit there and masturbate for an hour while watching tv or or something, but once I actually start thinking of a girl….well then its a challenge to keep from getting to the PONR. Should I be passively just stroking it, or actually concentrating/pretending to have sex…?

Nataki, the article you sent me says that at the PONR you should not hold a kegel, you should actually “release the tension on the pelvic muscle, like when you’re farting” (reverse kegel?). But what I did was hold a strong kegel…so which works best?

Hey guys, I have one question about using a strong kegel to stop ejaculation. I too have recently been experimenting more heavily with trying to achieve multiple orgasms with this method. I have gotten so that I can go up to the edge of my orgasm and then squeeze, and I feel a short semi-orgasmic type of energy release in my pc muscle area, but I don’t go over into what feels like a real orgasm. If I go a little bit further and kegel just as I get the feeling of a real orgasm starting to happen, I can clamp down with my pc muscle so that no semen is released at all, but the pc muscle still tends to pulse a few times towards the end. However, even though no semen is released, I usually lose my erection pretty quickly afterwards, and my level of desire decreases greatly. Is this a retrograde ejaculation? And what should I do to practice so that I get more of an orgasmic feeling when I hold back, but still don’t lose any of my erection level ?

Do whatever works! I’m trying to make it to where you are!

Haha ok, thanks man

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