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Keeping the boys down

Keeping the boys down

Well this has probably already been talked about but heck this is what I’m going to try and why:

My right nut seems to be the first to get sucked up into the body and never really hangs down enough to stay out of the way.

Lightly tie cloth around the sack in order to prevent it from slipping back up into the body while I do kegels or whenever. The cloth is not restricting and I have worn it all day with comfort. (Ever seen Dralla’s pics same sorta deal but cloth) It seems like I could wear this 24/7 without any negative side effects.

What are your thoughts, do you figure this ‘retainer’ for my balls may eventually train the right one to become longer and/or not get sucked up so readily?

Your testicles move because of the muscles in the spermatic cord. I rather doubt that restricting the movement of one will make it permanently hang lower. Perhaps actively stretching the cord might cause the muscle fibers to lengthen and perhaps contract with less force, but simply blocking the movement probably won’t.

Wearing something around your scrotum while you sleep may not be a good idea. The blood supply to your testicles might be compromised and cause, in the very least, a drop in sperm count and at worse gangrene. We tend to advise people not to do things to their twig and berries unless they’re awake enough to note signs of trouble.

I also have this problem but with my left ball, it freaked me out the first time because one of my balls had disappeared I thought it was going to get stuck up there or something. Anyway I have tried to stretch the balls down but it doesn’t feel right like your stretching cords that shouldn’t be pulled on. A bit like when you get hit in the balls but not as bad, same kind of feeling. I don’t think it really helps to lower the balls but maybe over enough time it might work.

It did work for me. I have done an exercise that gave me low hangers by pulling both my balls down 5 minutes a day. You could to it too to get them straight, just pull one ball.

Thanks for the good responses. I haven’t tried this again since I posted, but it does seem like after I took them off and tried to suck it up the right was a little bit more hesitant to go up.

Westla, very good and true advice. I ended up taking it off after I had a B rip because I became extremely paranoid when thinking about those possibilities. Besides I remember readying something about neutering bulls with this method! Although I did have it tied lightly enough that one could slip through if I wanted it too, but both couldn’t. I also took it off because I started thinking about what if I was to get hit in the testicles and one was to break because it had no where to go. I hear you can die of shock from that.

Robbit, it kind of does feel odd doesn’t it.

Bird2, thanks for the good news. 5 minutes a day you say, how long did you do this for? I will try this out either way.

I’m pretty sure this was the subject of my inaugural post here at Thunder’s. I’ve been trying to get the twins to stay put ever since, but they still cruise northward sometimes.

I’ve talked with my doctor about surgically closing the area where my testicles go up into my abdomen. He said it’s possible, but it’s pretty major, elective surgery. We concluded that it wasn’t a big enough deal. When one goes up, I push it back down. After a couple of decades of doing that, I rarely give it a second thought.

Originally Posted by reven
Bird2, thanks for the good news. 5 minutes a day you say, how long did you do this for? I will try this out either way.

About two months, then they hang the way I liked it :) .

There is a reason why testicles move up and down: temperature regulation to allow for production of sperm.

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