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Ball streching


Try a Tractor dealership, parts dept.

Or a Big Rig Truck parts place will have o-rings.

"If you build it, they will come".

For what it’s worth, you can stretch your sack back down your shaft with your hands very easily…

Originally posted by SirJelqAlot
i tried ball streching once, the next day what felt like the connection between my left ball and my body really hurt, like a sharp pain, took the next 2 days off pe, needless to say didnt strech my balls again.


Sounds like you were pulling the whole package. I think these guys are describing stretching just the scrotum, not pulling on their testicles. I know the pain you describe though and it feels awful.

ascending testicles and sack stretching

I have the fairly common but nonetheless annoying problem of having one or both testicles go up into my abdomen at the most inopportune times. I’m thinking about getting into ball stretching — or more accurately, I guess, scrotum stretching — because it seems like having my balls hanging further away from my abdominal wall might reduce their wandering ways.

Are there any ball stretchers out there who have this problem (it’s a type of hernia) and have found that they benefitted from ball stretching?

ha ha ha ha ha

“it seems like having my balls hanging further away from my abdominal wall might reduce their wandering ways. “

I’m knee deep into this bal stretching thing, and I’m not laughing at the fact that your “ole bois” wanna run sometimes. But I’ve never, ever heard anyone refer to their retraction problem like you did. “Wandering Ways”………thats a riot!!!!!!!

I’m using the 2” rings from lowes with the sock tuck trick…seems to be working well. I’m wearing 5 rings now but thats because I’m to lazy to go buy some more. Probably will before the end of the week though.

Big Blaze!!!

Hi there.

I’ve been able to get my balls to hang a bit lower just by manual stretching. Its really nothing more exact than just pulling them :)

Having said that, there are two different grips I use; the first is basically to “cradle” my ‘nads in my palm, basically as if you were grabbing a tennis ball (if only they were that big… :) ) Then simply pull away from the body, until you feel a slight resistance against the pull. This “grip” seems to pull more skin than the second.

The second way is to make an “ok” with your thumb and first finger, around the top of your scrotum. The “thumb side” of your fist should be facing up, and your balls will be under your thumb, so if you were to curl your fingers into a fist you would have your testicles in that fist. I probably don’t need to warn you that if you do this way, don’t squeeze the fist too hard!! As you pull downwards, this will put force on your balls and pull them away from the body. I can actually feel this stretch more in the internals of my scrotum.

I hope these explanations are clear to everyone.

Now you simply pull downwards, pulling your balls away from your body, and hold that stretch for however long. You can do these easily while doing flaccid streching, pulling your penis with one hand, and your balls with the other.

As usual, the important caveat here is the old classic PAIN IS BAD. When you pull, be careful.Just pull enough to feel slightly uncomfortable, not trying to rip your balls off.

Im sure a lot of other people have ended up doing this, so, any more hints or comments?


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