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Keep erection down?


Having my dick on a girls leg while it’s erect during school seems pretty wierd to me

You can keep it down by asking your girlfriend to hit it with her fists or step on it while you finger her.

You could strap it down and tuck your sack back like the trannies do. Seriously reach in your pants discreetly and tuck it in your belt.

Originally Posted by Serious_69

Yea but this is in public or in school.ill get my mack on with a chick and grab her ass and make out with her, I can’t just get the usual erection and wipe my dick out for a can I keep it down to flaccid?

You’ll have to get older for that kind of control,like north of 30.

Speak softly carry a big dick, I'm mean stick!

There may be no way my friend to initially keep it down..though you can hide only other suggestion (which I wouldnt do) is to not think about how good that pussy is so much while fingering her..maybe think of something else not so sexual!Good luck on your gains man..take care and God bless!

Bring your grandmother with you on dates :rolling:

Seriously, I would think it’s a compliment to most women that you get sexually aroused by them. When I give my wife a massage, we usually have the tv on. If I look at her boobs, I’ll pop a rod every time, so I try to focus on what’s on tv and “hang out” with a very full flaccid as long as I can!

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You need to wear briefs or boxer briefs instead of boxers. That will keep it from being too obvious.

Originally Posted by Serious_69
SO theres no way of keeping an erection down when fingering a girl?

No, but there is a way to make it go down.

Replace the fingers with your dick. Pretty soon it’ll go down. :)

If you are fingering her, why would you not want to get an erection? Intercourse is a nice follow up to oral and fingering.

But seriously, why the hell are you doing that at school? Grow up enough to wait until an appropriate time and place. You’ll both enjoy it more.

These are kind of moments I’ve grown to enjoy. You’ll think differently after five years of monogamous marriage—and your wife will really enjoy knowing she can still get it up so easily.

In socially awkward places (like public transportation), just shuffle for your “keys” and align it straight up so the belt holds it in place. You’ve got to be prepared, though, because you’re screwed if it goes down the pant leg. Also, I’ve had it stick out of the top of my shorts or jeans, so you’ve got to have it UNDER your shirt. What an absurd conversation.. But then again, who hasn’t had this “problem”.

In time (and with lots of practice), you can make it soften mentally. It’s taken over six years of meditation, but I can now control almost every physiological process, including slowing or stopping heartbeat and speeding up digestion. Softening an erection is thus child’s play. Don’t think it’s a good to stop your heartbeat around your girlfriend, though; that would be too creepy.

If it helps, think of something work-related or distinctly non-sexy, such as counting prime number 1,2,3,5,7,11,13,.. Or the Fibonacci series. In a fix, I’ve had to think about cooking biscuits in a cast-iron dutch oven. I know, sounds ridiculous, but it really works.


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