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Just an idea: CUT THE TUNICA!!!

I’m with tbird

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I don’t like the idea of voluntarily cutting the tunica after hearing about some guys tearing theirs while doing PE and having problems with it for several months after that. The implant idea would probably work, but it still sounds a lot more messy and painful than manual PE. And the healing would be a bitch.

Take it easy,

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Hm, that sound real stupid. I was circumsized in november and trust me, you’d want to avoid operations down there. My whole dick was completely black, even my sack had some bad bruising and I was swollen until the point where I thought that it simply was going to burst. Of course I knew what to expect but it’s still a bit swollen now and the scar is a bit tight.

People think that they would be completely recovered a few weeks after an operation but that’s ridiculous. I only got circumsized which is a fairly easy operation but I couldn’t even dream of what a tunica operation would do to you…

Originally posted by Metal Ed
Actually, isn't that how they surgically enlarge your girth?

And yes that's still nuts.

No, they inject fatty tissue (from other parts of your body) into the yoyo.

You probably could gain girth very quickly if you cut the tunica, but your erections would be gone. It’s the pressure of those spongy chambers filling inside the tough resistant tunica that creates an erection. Cut the tunica & you’d have a floppy, bloated tool - probably misshapen as well.

Also, there’d be danger of scar tissue formation, loss of sensation, etc.

Scapel & penis should never be used in the same sentence….or paragraph (or chapter).

If you made the incision 90 degrees the other way you could go for length. Of course you would need to make multiple incisions to make for an even shaft. I’d probably ask the doctor to make very heavy stitches so that when it heals, I would have that ribbed effect. That would make me popular with the women. The ribs might also act as speed bumps to help cure my premature ejaculation.

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PLEASE BE CAREFUL!!! I’ve tried uritca (peehole??) relocation once - never again!!! Ended up in hospital! I’ll never do such a sik thing ever again!

Never ever a turtle again...


you did what? I’ve had my problems with that anal-stretching thing, but what the heck is “uritca (peehole??) relocation “???
I’m scared….

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Where were you wanting to ‘relocate’ your peehole?


Between my legs!

Never ever a turtle again...

Where was it before?

At the tip of my cock! :-)

Never ever a turtle again...


In my opinion I think one could make greater girth gains naturally. In less time also. I feel that the healing process would take almost 6 months and even then there’s no guarantee of full recovery. But most importantly, you would NOT be able to use it during this recovery period.

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Excepting rare situations, I’m not sure why anybody would opt for Enlargement surgery over at least TRYING PE. Besides the cost, Shortwide nailed it:

>>the healing process would take almost 6 months and even then there’s no guarantee of full recovery. But most importantly, you would NOT be able to use it during this recovery period.<<

It’s sad that PE is portrayed and perceived as a fraud. I believe it could legitimately help millions of men. But for various reasons, it may never be taken seriously. Probably most of the men on this board discovered PE out of pure, agonizing desperation.

Same with surgery - Why else would a guy let someone slice open their dick?


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