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Just an idea: CUT THE TUNICA!!!


Just an idea: CUT THE TUNICA!!!

You know, i was just walking into town not thinking about anything when suddenly i got this idea. I remembered reading that the tunica was like cling film around the corpora cavernosa and corpus spongiosum. The tunica is what indeed limits the girth of the erect penis as it stops the blood chambers from filling up more that the tunica can stretch right…?

Well i thought, what if a cut was made along the length of the tunica (on the underside of the penis) and a thin layer of skin or indeed artificially grown tunica was grafted in between the two cut ends of the tunica. That would surely allow the blood chambers to fill with more blood before being confined by the tunica, therefore increasing the girth of the erect penis.

Im not sure how the size of the glans is limited, but if it is by tunica, just as the shaft is, then surely the same procedure could be preformed on the glans.

Well thats just what i was thinking. Any comments or remarks people?

Try it and tell us how it goes.

In theory, it sounds plausible. But why not just remove your penis and attach a huge dildo to your skin.

This sounds nuts!

Do you have a brother named randolf?

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You are nuts!

The primary goal of PE should be to make your penis as healthy as possible in both form and function. If you do that, increased size will follow.

Actually, isn’t that how they surgically enlarge your girth?

And yes that’s still nuts.

It would seem to work in theory. The difficulty of such a procedure would lie in the healing. Involuntary and nocturnal erections would make the healing of the suture zone difficult. I think there is medication available to hamper erections for the week following the procedure.

I have often thought of this as well: I have seen medical procedures where an inflatable “bag” or sac is implanted underneath the skin to stretch and create new tissue for a skin graft. Every two week or so, the patient goes to the doctor to have this bag inflated to greater volume. The result is phenomenal. Why wouldn’t it work to insert a inflatable cylinder into each of the cavernosas and gradually and repetitively increase their inflation over the course of a few months? The patient would have a perceived erection during this process, but it appears to be a way to truly increase the capacity of the cavernosas by stretching from the inside.

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I agree that in theory, it might be feasible to cut the tunica lengthwise. It might even be something that could be done arthroscopically. You would have to put in some sort of elastic membrane to close the gap or the spongy stuff might squeeze out one side and make one stupid looking dick. This reminds me of those biscuit packages where you take off the outside label and the dough inside oozes out.

Originally posted by ThunderSS
Full moon?

Actually Thunder, it is the opposite tonight. It’s the new moon. A very dark night indeed!

Why don’t we stick with trying to stretch the tunica? It may take longer, but it tends to be a bit less messy. You know, all the blood and stitches is just such an inconvenience.

And no, that is not how they surgical enhance girth. They usually inject fat under the skin of the penis.


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I think I’m with Sean. The whole idea of blades, anesthesia, bills, pain pills and corrective procedures is why I’m here in the first place. Don’t know if it would work, but even if it did, nobody’s cutting me.
At least until I overdo it, and really injure myself.


Home surgery?

You know the subtle humor at T’Place cracks me up. I don’t know if this beats Tube’s tiny lab-rat Bib hangers, but it comes close. Beast we all know you are not talking home surgery here, but I guess from a surgical view point, it sounds only a little more risky than cutting ligaments. I’ll stick with a little more passive PE.


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No Nukes


It was just a silly idea that I never intend to try! LOL! Food for thought I guess. Thanks for the replies though people.

too dangerous

the main problem would be : SCARS !

A scar needs atleast 1 year to fully heal and even then only a small percentage of people can naturally heal scars completely. Most people have scars for life, some develope really scary scars !
Scars that would jam bloodflow , change penis shape/ angle.

+ A cut in the tunica isn’t the same as a cut in normal skin. It’s way more dangerous and complicated I presume.

+ + Think about , what u would end up with : A big girth penis with 2 ugly scars running on both sides of it and the penis wouldn’t be as stress resistant (hardcore sex :) ) as a healthy one….

+++not to mention the usual health risks….

FORGET IT , ITS NOT WORTH IT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh and for a change : Guys , please have more confidence in yourselves AND your penises !!!!

Try to think egoistic about it : Its YOUR PENIS ! Doesn’t matter if 12 INCH or 1 inch ! a 1 incher gives u the same orgasms as 12” , again and again and again , for the rest of your life , even if you don’t satisfy any woman , who fuckin cares lol , you still can orgasm and have fun !

..ahem ok… back to reality : Natural Penis Enlargment is the only sensible way to go ! So happy gaining everybody….

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