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Jelqing with a tourniquet at the base, is it safe and effective?

Jelqing with a tourniquet at the base, is it safe and effective?

I’m wondering if it’s a good idea to tie a tourniquet like a rope or shoe lace at the very base of the penis while you jelq and leave it there for as long your jelqing session is 20, 30 minutes etc. But not too tight! Is this bad for circulation? Even though you keep exchanging hands at the base and gripping it, a lot of blood is still leaving; that’s why I thought a tourniquet would be better. Do you feel that this is a better method of jelqing because you are keeping the penis full of blood (engorged) and not letting it escape.

The torniquet method is mainly for girth. It is a good excercise, but I wouldnt leave the touriquet on for 20 mins. I would release it every 5 mins to get a fresh supply of oxygenated blood in to be more effective.

A cock ring around the whole package helps keep my dick engorged for jelqing. Less blood escapes between strokes or when changing hands. The ring isn’t tight enough to act as a tourniquet; it only slightly slows the outflow of blood. A fat rubber band or other stretchy material works well for this.

A true tourniquet, where all blood is cut off such as during an extreme Uli, probably shouldn’t be left on for more than about 10 minutes. IIRC, the literature says 17 minutes, but Bib stuck to 10. I know my dick looks very angry after being strangled for 10 minutes.

I’m a new user so i’m still learning. I was wondering, what exactly is a torniquet? Does it basically mean tieing something tight around the base of the dick?

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A tourniquet is blocking the blood circulation by gripping the penis with your thumb and index finger - this is called an OK grip . Squeez hard enough to stop the blood from flowing to and from the part of the penis beyond the tourniquet, as th peurpose is to engorge that part. This is usually done at the base of the penis with a full erection, as part of the Horse 440 squeez or other girth exercises. Fully erect exercises are not for newbies, you have to start slow and work your way up to them.

You can find a lot of info by using the search feature - on the top of the page, right side - and typing ‘tourniquet’ or ‘Horse’ etc.
Also read the PE FAQ and Glossary and you will become familiar with most terms used in this Forum.

Do not hesitate to pose any question you might have, in the Newbie Forum - that’s what it’s there for! Just start a new thread and ask whatever you need to know, soon enough there’s bound to be a reply to your question by a member or more.
It is ovewhelming at first, but gets pretty simple once you make the first step…

Good luck,

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cheers for the reply willb7, its a good feeling when someone answers a question in such detail, thank you!

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