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Jelqing Uncut

Jelqing Uncut

I’m uncut and was wondering if it would be better to jelq with or with out a lube.
Also, does anybody have any tips on how to keep from getting fully erect during jelqing

Thanks for the help, BigMatt

Hey BigMatt, and welcome to the forum!

I´m uncut as well and I both dryjelq and jelq with lube. When you dryjelq you get more of a stretch, which I like, but it´s quite demanding on the shaft. So use a little bit of skinlotion anyway, to keep it from getting too dried up.

On how to avoid getting fully erect, work it hard, then you will find it more difficult to become erect after a while, concentrate on the feeling IN you dick, not on the pleasure. And stop every now and then and wait for erection to go down a bit.

Hey Guys,

This is a good post, and though I have been doing this for a while I do have a question. I too am uncut and one thing I have definitely noticed (i use a lube when jelqing) a pronounced stretch of skin. The “skin hood” has become longer.

Have either of you noticed this and if so, what, if anything, can you do about it?


I think dry jelqing would reduce the lengthening of the skin, but you’ll need more skin for your bigger unit anyway.

In any case, you’re better off uncut.. I wish I had that “problem”.

Thanks for the advice MDC,

Quick question for you. Why do you wish you were still uncut? What do you find or think would be better?



when you jelq, just pull the skin back a bit before every stroke, that way you don´t stretch as much. It´s not really any extra work once you get the hang of it, which is pretty quick.

Originally posted by BigProbe
Thanks for the advice MDC,
Quick question for you. Why do you wish you were still uncut? What do you find or think would be better?

It has something to do with 15-20 square inches(if it were stretched out) of my penis being missing. The most pleasurable sensations I get are from stimulation of the tiny amount of foreskin that I have left.

I’m cut so I can’t help there.

However I find that thinking about anything even remotly to do with women wastes me three minutes in waiting for it to go back down so instead I think about what I have to do next, sports, violent scenes and listen to negative music.
In the same manner when it gets far too soft I think something erotic for a couple of seconds and switch my mind straight back to the negative thoughts.
This way I control my erection all the way. :)

But I am not sure if this can ultimatly distort the perceptions on what is erotic given prolonged use of this trick which may be similar to the mental technique employed by some men to think “alternative” thoughts during sex to delay ejaculation.

First Rocco, thanks for your input.

I do try to pull back the skin quickly with each jelq stroke but it definitely still is getting stretched out more than before. Oh well,
I guess it will give me that much more skin to stimulate.

MDC, I guess, as I am unaware as to what sex would be like without my foreskin I am ignorant of the additional pleasure it affords me. You make me feel very fortunate, Thank you!


Thanks to everyone for their input.

I have found out that when i jelq dry I am able to push the blood forward better than when I jelq with lube.

Thanks Again,



I’ve found the same. Jelqing with lube doesn’t seem to work as well. Fortunately, over the last 5 years I’ve gained some additional skin that makes this possible. Nothing like a real foreskin yet, but sometimes the glans is partially hidden when flaccid.

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