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Jelqing question

Jelqing question

I have another question for you guys. First off I want to say that I love this forum because if it were not here I would have no one to ask questions to. Thanks guys for this wonderful site. My question is that when I am jelqing my cock twist/moves. I mean that when I start at the base and slowly move up my cock will stay straight until I get to a certain spot and then my cock kinda twist on me. It feels like there is a hard spot in there and feels different when I jelq over it. Is this scar tissue/plaque? My cock does have a curve to it. Is this the reason. How should I fix this? Is it fixable? I heard that Vitamin E helps softens this scar tissue, is that true?

Yes, that is common, sometimes jelking straitens the curve.

Yes, vitemen “E” softens scar tissue.

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What kingpole said :)

When I jelq, I have a twist exactly as you describe; my cock rotates to the left in the last inch or so of upward movement if I am using my right hand and vice versa. I have a gentle upward curve. I don’t have any hard spots or scar tissue. I would think it’s just the curve making the rotation happen.

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