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Itching is driving me crazy

Itching is driving me crazy


I have been recently started on a regular program of Jelqing. My routine is a simple one. Standard stretching and 300 jelq strokes every other day. I have created a lube that is loosely based on a concoction found in the FAQ. Cocoa Butter, Vitamin E added, with 4 oz of Liquid Ky. That seems to work very well. My problem is that my penis is itchy. The itching occurs right at the circumcision line to about 1cm above the circumcision line. It doesn’t bother me much until I have to go to the restroom and touch it. Then it’s like “gotta rub this for a second” Is there anything that you guys suggest to calm the itching.

Thank you

I agree with Thunder

The combination may be causing something. Also, some forms of vitamin E may irritate you.

A couple of years ago, I was using Vitamin E Baby oil on my body. I broke out with an extremely bad rash all over my body. It was real bad. I couldn’t figure it out….then the doctor asked if I had used any Vitamin E products or changed anything in my skin care regimen.

We concluded it was the Vitamin E oil, and he gave me some cream to clear it up. Luckily, it disappeared completely.

And I never had this problem with vtiamin E before. So, he told me that some forms may react bad with your body. Needless to say, I don’t use that brand again, or experiment with different brands anymore.

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It could be the skin stretching or maybe your not washing the lube off well and when it dries on your skin it makes you itch.
Also if you’re shaving when the hair grows back it can itch. At one time I used Vaseline and that gave me a case of alligator skin”dry and itchy”, now I use a cheap vit-e lotion from rite aid it cost 2.99 and last about 2 weeks



I will just back down to the Liquid KY for a while. I think trying each ingriedient separately is a great idea to identify the culprit. I will try that as well.

Thanks again for the input.


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