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hanging while driving

hanging while driving

has any one else done this?

i have a twice weekly two-hour drive to and from my parents, so i thought i would get creative and hang while i drive (pumping while driving being another habit of mine which i had heard about via various pumping pe boards).

my personal hanging-while-driving routine

first i get on my (<a href=”/forum/showthread.php?s=&threadid=7360”>patented, easy-as-pie neoprene sleeve)</a> wrap, then slap on my bib hanger. usually it’s my starter hanger because it’s easier to hide that one under my pants. next, i tighten the wingnuts but not all the way.

i usually wear something bulky and loose like sweat pants with no underwear.

once i’m safely in the car i lower my sweat pants to my knees and tighten the hanger the rest of the way. i keep a towel or something handy to cover myself if need be. i live in an urban area (boston) and you’d be surprised at how easy it is to have your pants down around your knees while your drive.

(well, maybe you already know. i personally believe that there are more guys on the road with their pants down, or at least their zippers open, than you would expect. damn, those frisky dicks, down boy, down!)

you do have to watch out for those high riding trucks and suv’s, especially the ones with inquisitive passengers on the right hand side of the vehicle.

to get my hang going, i use varying lengths of bunge cord to hook my bib hanger to my driver’s side visor. DO NOT, I REPEAT DO NOT ATTACH the cord to your rearview mirror, however. at least the rearview mirror in my little toyota corolla couldn’t take the pressure and it snapped it right off!

(d’oh! another dumb blunder by billinwashdc!)

to get different pulls you might try attaching your bunge cord to the passenger side visor, but your passenger might not appreciate this, so ask them first, okay?

ALSO, NEVER, NEVER attach the cord to the driving wheel, dudes! this could result in a serious injury if for some reason you had to quickly turn. it might yank your dick right off!

one problem with hanging while driving at night is that it is hard to see your dick (and whether everything is doing “ok” down there), even with the interior light switched on. so you might want to make periodic stops in order to give your dick a closer inspection. i wouldn’t want to feel responsible for any bad accidents due to my “hanging-while-driving” idea.

by the way, i’ve only done this half a dozen times or so, so i’d appreciate any words of wisdom from any other “hanging-while-driving” dudes out there. anyone else ever try this?

of course you can vary the tension by using different lengths of bunge cords or thicker ones with stronger tensions. people might wonder what that cord is doing there, leading from my visor straight down to my crotch. yikes! but i haven’t had any usual stares or inquiries yet …

pop quiz: why is a bunge cord called that?

answer: the bunge cord’s inventor is benjamin k. bunge. credit given where credit’s due, huh? yay mr. bunge! never thought your cord would have so so many danged diverse uses, did you?

over and out, give peace a chance,

bill in boston


I dont drive, but I might try this on the bus….

Seriously, if I did the only thing I would do in the car is use an ADS strap that is on a belt round your leg, and kegels. Keep your pants up, thats my advice.



You are one of a kind. Please be careful. I would hate to lose such a unique individual to a hanging induced accident.


Could make for a funny scene when you pull up to the toll booth but I bet those people have seen it all.


I also hang while driving.

I use a similar setup as you with one difference - I use the thicker rubber tie-downs and attach the anchor end to a slot on the steering column just above the brake pedal. I check myself by “feel” and look occasionally. It does a great job of keeping me stretched out.

Jelktoid :trash: More meat for the money!

good idea

because then the stretchy cord won’t be noticed by other drivers. also you get a nice straight out (rather than straight up) stretch that way, huh? i guess you could do “over the shoulder” one way or another too. usually i don’t like “ots” however because of the way the bib digs into my abdomen though. thanks jelktoid!


Damn Bill,

Your first post of this thread - That is one of the funniest posts I ever read!!! You are a riot. I have been wanting to do this hanging while driving thing, but could not figure it out. I like the ideas you guys have come up with!! Thanks, Hugeness.

It *is* funny

Just think, if someone rear-ends you, you won’t get a whiplash, but rather a dicklash and you won’t jump out and run at the perp in anger but with wide open arms screaming “oh shit thank you! my cock has grown 1 full inch!” all the while your hanging gear slapping at your shins. Hawhaw!


dicklash?????!!! that’s a riot!

thanks big, jelktoid, hugeness, tps, and orgasmo et al! that makes me feel good! i’m taking tomorrow (friday) off so i can get to my parents early, so i’ll be travelling out there tonight, so i’m gonna try to get in a couple of good hangs during the trip. gonna try jelktoid’s hanging-from-the-steering-column tip. i also have some of those heavy rubbery cords with the “S” hooks on the end, so I’m gonna try them.

i started hanging, btw, about what, august of last year? and last night i hung 25 lbs for the first time! twas vey nice. (only about 5 minutes though).

i’m still 7.25” but with all this work i’m hoping to top 7.5” sometime in the calendar year. the added girth though is, like, magical, huh?

hanging while driving (and pumping sometimes too) really makes me look forward to the drive and makes it much more enjoyable.

i also have been lifting weights while i hang, and that is very cool too.

i promise i’ll be extra careful on the road though. wouldn’t want to be lost to this excellent board. don’t want no “dicklash”! hahahahaha! that’s a good one, a VERY good one!

bill (in boston)


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